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  1. ScareRaven

    Why does my rig sound so bad?!

    Yeah, the Randall sounds even weaker without the Metal Zone. I get the most disgusting sound from this amp... it sounds extremely busted! Can the Metal Zone sound better with leads when complimenting it with something else?
  2. ScareRaven

    Why does my rig sound so bad?!

    Heys guys, I know this is a very common question, but I'm not much of a gearhead and I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out why my rig sounds so bad. I've got a D-activator 7 bridge and stock neck pup in my S7. From there, I run it through a Boss Metal Zone and into a Randall RG200...
  3. ScareRaven

    If ONLY Ibanez made this guitar

    Yeah, some inlays look good on a guitar, but I would rather have no inlays than dot inlays... Very nice RG. :rolleyes:
  4. ScareRaven

    Skinless Guitar Tuning?

    Does anyone know what the guitars are tuned to in their "Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead" album? It's heavy as hell... Thanks guys. :flame:
  5. ScareRaven


    Their last three albums have been incredible! I can't get enough of their music!
  6. ScareRaven

    Attention virginial geeks losers with no lives

    A friend of mine just bought a box of 10th edition boosters and a box of Ravnica boosters last week for $270... :scratch: I love playing Magic, but it's just another expensive hobby!
  7. ScareRaven

    Good Nile/Behemoth Art in recent Revolver Issue

    Sorry guys. I don't have a picture, but I was really wondering if anyone has picked up the recent Revolver issue. Revolver isn't always so great, but the painting of Karl and Nergal was totally badass. :lol: Scan for a brother? :rolleyes: Haha. Karl is dressed like a pharaoh, holding his...
  8. ScareRaven

    I was never a Gibson fan but...

    I was never much of a fan of Gibson's until I saw Amon Amarth last week, crushing everybody with their Gibson Explorer's. :flame: I'm still not fond of Les Paul bodies, and I SWOON over hollow-body jazz guitars. There must be something wrong with me. :eek:
  9. ScareRaven

    Who'd buy a Xiphos 7?

    Either a Xiphos or V would make me happy as well. As long as there was no Chameleon blue finish... :P Flat black or grey would be ideal for me.
  10. ScareRaven

    The Black Dahlia Murder Appreciation Thread (All things TBDM)

    Ahh this is fucking exciting! I get to see these guys with Aeon, Goatwhore, Cannibal Corpse, and The Red Chord in September. Miasma was a really short album... Intense, but I'm sure Nocturnal will be a lot better.
  11. ScareRaven

    Greatest death metal guitarist

    INDEED!!! :rolleyes: I also have to suggest Karl Sanders, Mikael Akerfeldt, Vogg, the Amott's, and of course Chuck. :)
  12. ScareRaven

    Behemoth's "The Apostasy"

    My first impression of Nile's new album was not a good one, but I'm getting more into it as I give more attention to the lyrical content and what-not. It was the same for me with the recent Dimmu Borgir album, and after a few years of not liking Opeth, I decided to sit down and listen through...
  13. ScareRaven

    Behemoth's "The Apostasy"

    Hello all! Have many of you checked out the new Behemoth album? Most of the content is HUGE and was seeming written sure-footedly by Nergal and co. Those who have listened to the track "Inner Sanctum" were probably just as surprised as I was to hear who the guest musician was. ;) In my humble...
  14. ScareRaven

    THE ABSENCE- RIDERS OF THE PLAGUE available for pre-sale

    I'll have to look around for it when it appears in Canadian stores. I'll admit that you guys always come up with some of the most unusual and beautiful lead work! You captured a great vibe on the last album. I'm looking forward to this new release! :shred: True Melodic Thrash... Well done! :hbang:
  15. ScareRaven

    Man..Nile fucking rules!

    Ithyphallic was well done, however, it seems that the guitar tone changed a bit for this album. To my ears, it sounds a bit more sludgy than Annihilation of the Wicked. AotW had a very clean bite on each track. Also, there are only a few memorable riffs on Ithyphallic. AotW was just much more...
  16. ScareRaven

    Sharon Osbourne reaches new heights of maturity...

    It looks like all of the shitty hardcore bands are installed in this year's Sounds of the Underground... Goatwhore and Amon Amarth will be amazing, but the Ozzfest bands look so much more wortwhile.. Damnit, I will miss you, Behemoth, Nile, and 3 Inches of Blood! :wavey: :noplease: Shitty...
  17. ScareRaven

    Rusty Cooley - Guitar Hero

    I'm not sure if anybody has seen this Guitar Hero video for Decapitated - Spheres of Madness. It's worth checking out. This one would be sooooo fun to play! :shred: It wouldn't be as difficult as the Rusty Cooley one, but here you go: :rolleyes...
  18. ScareRaven

    New Dimmu Borgir vid RULES

    I didn't like Dimmu Borgir much until I decided to pick up this album, and I was very surprised to see that Galder has been doing lead guitar for them since 2001. Old Man's Child's 'Defiance in Existence' is an incredible blackened death album. I still have yet to hear vermin... I suppose this...
  19. ScareRaven

    New Dimmu Borgir vid RULES

    Wow! The song is great! I'm really thinking about picking up the disc. The Serpentine Offering is fucking brutal and all the vocals are pretty incredible.
  20. ScareRaven

    Live SYL Pics

    I'm wondering if this is the guitar he's playing his ESP custom Horizon in those pictures... Hard to tell. It sort of looks like it! I know that he needs the 7-string for a lot of the Alien material.