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  1. ChrisRushing

    Canvas Solaris-Chromosphere

    Hey guys this will be Canvas Solaris first offering in 10 years. "Chromosphere" will be released May 2021. Mixed/Produced by Jamie King (as usual) and recorded by ourselves and a handful of our good friends. I know we had some fans lurking around here at some point so I decided to share. Thanks...
  2. ChrisRushing

    Drop Tuning/gauge/ Intonation question

    Hey guys I am hoping to get some thoughts from you guys who are more experienced with lower tunings. I've been playing 7 strings roughly since 2005 but I've always played in B standard or Drop A. I've never fooled with setting up my own guitars. I know, its easy etc...but I've just never gotten...
  3. ChrisRushing

    Michael Kelly Guitars?

    Anyone played one of these? I've got a pretty substantial raise coming up in the next two months at work. I have been looking into picking up a new guitar. Currently I own a 1979 Les Paul Custom and an Ibanez 7421 7 string. I...
  4. ChrisRushing

    Les Paul Custom Pickup help

    I have been playing guitar for 20 years and admittedly have not done much modification of my instruments. I have an Ibanez Rg-7421 that I put a crunch Lab 7 in the bridge and that is the extent of my pickup changing. So I have this 1979 Les Paul custom. A photo posted by Chris Rushing...
  5. ChrisRushing

    I covered a Taylor Swift song

    I was messing around with some drum sounds and one thing led to another. I've been doing sampled vocal pop covers like this for years. They usually aren't as straight forward as this one but I thought somebody might get a kick out of it. I didn't set out to cover a Taylor Swift song but this...
  6. ChrisRushing

    Atlanta Folks

    We (The Universe Divide) are playing a free show tonight at the Highlander. If you got nothing else going on, come check us out. :hbang:
  7. ChrisRushing

    Alesis Ra-100

    I know this is probably a stretch but I guess it's worth a shot. My Alesis Ra-100 went out on me the other day. I have been able to find partial schematics, mostly of the pre-amp boards but I believe my problem is on the actual power supply board. Google is turning up mods for the amp which...
  8. ChrisRushing

    Kayo Dot Atlanta Tonight!

    I know we have a few members local to the Atlanta area. I just wanted to take a quick moment to do a little shameful self promotion. We are opening for Kayo Dot tonight along with some other cool bands. If you find yourself bored on a Monday night (I know awful right?) then come check this out...
  9. ChrisRushing

    Thoughts on this mix? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks chris
  10. ChrisRushing

    TWO NEW The Universe Divide songs

    I know some of you enjoyed our material before so I am doing a little self promotion/spam. We have changed drummers since our last E.P. , inadvertently took some time off and now are back working on new songs. :shred: Take a listen if you have time. Thanks guys! The Universe Divide - 2014 Demo...
  11. ChrisRushing

    Mix Advice

    This is my first attempt at a full mix in many years. We typically work with a larger studio but due to budget constraints and this being for mainly demo purposes, I am giving it a go. Any thoughts in general on the mix are appreciated. We are instrumental so there will not be any vocals...
  12. ChrisRushing

    T-Shirt designs?

    I am curious what you guys do for your bands t-shirt/artwork designs? My main band is The Universe Divide The Universe Divide we are trying to come up with a new t-shirt design but want to find something that really fits our sound. Is there someone who is cheap but does good work that you guys...
  13. ChrisRushing

    Any Atlanta members?

    Hey Fellas my band The Universe Divide is finally back up to speed with a new drummer. We are playing a show at Vinyl here in Atlanta on January 31st. Not trying to spam the board but I know some of you guys enjoyed our music in the past. Thanks for the support! Chris/The Universe Divide:hbang:
  14. ChrisRushing

    Preamp tubes for Engl

    I have the Engl Ritchie Blackmore signature head. I am getting ready to swap out my preamp tubes as I am starting to get some noise. I have had the stock tubes since I bought it and never had any complaints with the sound. I was curious what everyone else is using in their Engl heads or...
  15. ChrisRushing

    New "The Universe Divide" track free download

    Hey guys, this is a new tune from the instrumental group that I play with. Any thoughts/feedback is appreciated. I don't typically like to self promote but since we are offering this one up for free I thought some of you might enjoy it. :hbang: The Universe Divide - Home Thanks!
  16. ChrisRushing

    More Evidence: you shouldn't quit your day job :0

    I thought this may be a short but eye opening read for some of you younger fellows who may have dreams of playing Metal for a living and subsequently being lifted off to the land of MTV Cribs and hefty paychecks. It Seems Bands Don't Make Money Off Touring Either | It's Just Business |...
  17. ChrisRushing

    Melodic Metal/Prog Female fronted (Canvas Solaris related)

    Hey guys, I don't typically like to self promote but some friends and I (Canvas Solaris) released an album earlier this year with our good friend Narissa Wolke on vocals under "The Burden of Existence" name. I know not everyone is into female vocals so if that isn't your thing no big deal but...
  18. ChrisRushing

    Identify my Ibanez

    I got this off a guy I used to play with about four years ago. He told me it was an RG7620 or a 7621. I have tried to find another one because I love how it plays and the fact that it is a fixed bridge but I have never been exactly sure which model it is. The serial is F9942259. Someone...
  19. ChrisRushing

    East Coast shows/gigs?

    I play guitar for The Universe Divide The Universe Divide - Home and formerly for Canvas Solaris. We are looking to setup some shows outside of our area (Atlanta, Ga) but we aren't having much luck finding bands or venues that are interested in pairing up with us. We aren't at a stage where we...
  20. ChrisRushing


    I am not knocking anyone in particular here and I am all for using whatever tools are available but I am curious to hear others opinions on this (for or against). I am a very open minded listener but It seems like the metal community has become overrun with bands and even more so, one man bands...