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    FS EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GDDR6 12GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $1,050 shipped.

    Hello there, My friend brought me 3 of these. I am crypto mining. I have used 2 of them and one is still standing. I've decided to sell this. It comes with its sealed box. Price: $1,050.00 shipped. Payment: Only BTC, LTC, TRX(TRON) and etc.
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    BAD has a bad day.

    ouch. this on top of all the other supply chain issues.
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    NGD where-in I knowingly bought crap.

    I'm taking my usual Sunday afternoon shit and browsing the Chinese ebay/craigslist app when this thing pops up my feed. I had to have it. I purchased it before I even finished pooping. Now I knew this was probably going to be very very bad because the other guitar I have from the same factory...
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    Cheap Headless Adventures Part 1

    Alrighty the first of my cheap headless guitars has arrived. Spent about a few hours with it today. two things to note. One my expectations were very very low. Two this guitar has to go back for a fret leveling. It has 1 high fret that became an issue when the low E action height was around...
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    New Pink Guitar Body Day Covid Special

    I know this forum is now a politics forum...but here's some guitar stuff. I bought a lot of yolo Chinese stuff this year. Here's the first thing to arrive. Backstory. I have a warmoth neck attached to a telecaster body that I bought a while ago. No recent picture but here it is in the...
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    Found a pic of my old rig on tgp.

    The photobucket link is all gone but the blurry google image is still there. Ever look back at old pictures and think....why did I sell all this stuff. Why did I sell that slo. What is wrong with me.
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    NGD: A really sad prestige saber

    Alrighty, sometimes I get an itch to buy an S and weird stuff happens. Still trying to decide whether or not I overpaid for this. Ok, so apparently back in 08 or 09 there was a run of S5470s with a weathered black finish. It was black but crackly. I've never seen one in person. But, I've...
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    Hooray I'm back. Here's that new guitar.

    That was a hard long month in the cold guys. Anyhow here's this guy. Before getting into the this guitar perfect? No. I kinda have that etherial guitar buying feeling where it's not perfect but I love it anyway. TLDR from my other thread: I've been living in China for a...
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    PRS now selling 1000 dollar mic guitars.

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    Guitarmory fakemachine

    So what do you do when a brand that people like does something you don’t like. eyyy it’s a guitar armory East Asian fake machine. This is a thread for Narad. Discuss.
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    My adventure in buying a really really cheap guitar.

    Background: I've got a lot of guitars, but I don't really have anything that I really like taking out. I go to jams sometimes at bars and I'm playing with expats and students. They are much much better players then me. So I feel kinda funky showing up my expensive stuff to rock pentatonics...
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    The Time I Spent 2500 On A Chinese Guitar (in progress)

    Little bit of back story: I moved to China for work about 5 years ago. That's all good. Great place, got married, had some kids. Can't ever leave now. However, as an American...China has some draconian import/export taxes and purchases taxes that hurt my soul. We're talking 30 percent tax on...
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    NGD: Strandberg + 2 Ibanez. Yay

    Finally got a chance to go to the states and pick up 2 guitars that my buddy was holding for me. The third Ibanez I bought right before I left. It was waiting for me when I got back. Three new things in a week. Not bad not bad. Here is one picture. I have no sunlight and my room is packed with...
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    Middle Single coil to pair with alpha/omega

    I got a guitar that was modded with alpha/omegas. The middle pickup is a stock Ibanez and sounds bad. What should I use from Seymour Duncan?
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    Another schecter multiscale.

    Didn’t see this posted before. Also can’t find the 2019 schecter thread. Maybe a mod could merge for me? Get a load of the schecter reaper. Named only to confuse the hell out of forum search features. Should have been named the schecter djentyboy
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    Nor: Ibanez rg1820x - the best used prestige.

    This was hanging around my local classifieds. I missed out on an rg2120x when my funds were held up by the Ormsby. So when everything cleared I made sure to grab this. Terrible pictures. My drapes they are not good. So thoughts. This is the best used prestige. It might be the best...
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    Bass guitar recs

    Been going out to some jam nights. There’s always 20 guitarists 10 singers and 1 drummer. I’m not that great at guitar and the jams are always missing a bassist. I’m thinking I should just play bass. Need some suggestions. What’s the cheapest multiscale bass and what’s the cheapest usable...
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    NAD: Ormsby Goliath 6 String - Review and Stuff

    I've had my Goliath in my hands for a couple of weeks now. It actually shipped to my place about a month ago but I was away for work. Now that I've spent some time with it I can do a review. Edit: I dunno why the pictures in thread are so tiny. If you open them in a new tab you can zoom into...
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    new strandberg day

    I traded an Anderson hollow t for this strandberg os6. It's one of the guitars I thought I would never sell. If you had told me 6 years ago I'd be trading a us made guitar for a Korean one I would have slapped you. But here we are. I just love the enduraneck and headless guitars. Boden OS6...
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    NAD - 7 string from Germany

    Wow, the depreciation of the Euro has not been good on my wallet. I've bought a lot of gear this year. I ordered this guy 8 months ago. It's a 7 string fanned fret Hapas. When I ordered this one there weren't that many people building tele style fanned fret seven strings. There still isn't...