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    Delayed NGD .strandberg* Singularity

    sick bro. I might have to investigate grabbing one of these sooner than later.
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    .strandberg* Singularity announced, full specs + $1250 price tag

    Dude! LOL. IG convo moves here... I need to ask my dude Pete at MZ what he thought. I could've driven over there tho' and checked it as well.
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    NGD - RGD2127FX

    Have several of the same sets. Gotoh locking 6 in line with the extra for the low b.
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    NGD - RGD2127FX

    That was all Paul. I have some bobbin toppers enroute to try a zebra look, but i doubt it's doing to work well...these pickups sound great in the guitar so there's really no reason to swap them.
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    NGD Ibanez 8 string 2228A

    Dude. Stoked that you're digging on it. We both hold our gear in high regard and the condition RULES. Love that this worked out great for all... cheers!
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    NGD - RGD2127FX

    Like is an understatement bro...:hbang::shred::lol::squint: And you've seen the majority of the other ones... this one's awesome. Likewise I'm stoked that you dig the 2228A. Worked out to be in the right place at the right time.
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    NGD - RGD2127FX

    Got this hot rod from S2K9K in a trade for my RG2228A. Aside from Paul being a sweet dude, he takes great care of gear. This thing's as impeccable as a matte finish Ibby can be. Set up almost EXACTLY how I'd tune (at least one of them ha!) down to action and string gauge. I'd had notions of...
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    NGD My White Whale: Ibanez RG1527M

    love mine dude.
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    Anybody swapped pups on iron label?

    That was shot about an hour or so ago in my studio...
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    Anybody swapped pups on iron label?

    Hell yeah man. 2x. I found that the Tone Zone 7 and the AN 7 worked GREAT in a SIR27FD... the TZ's brashness works with this one for sure. I also put the new bridge on it to get rid of that blocky bitch.
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    Pigtronix Gate Keeper

    still available.
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    /FT Feeler: Ibanez RG2228A Black w/ Hardcase

    I'll post them, I just haven't had the chance...
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    Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge Rich has them in stock. Word of caution, if you're looking to retrofit an S w/ one of these the screws provided are too you'll have to carefully shorten them, otherwise they'll poke out the back.
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    Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge

    Resurrecting this. I'm actually replacing the blocky version on a SIR27F w/ this...notice that the drilling pattern maintains the old thru body design as well as the new...pretty cool to replace failed old it'll be sleek like it as meant to be. Also, the drilling pattern is...
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    Pigtronix Gate Keeper

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Here we have a Pigtronix gatekeeper noise gate w/ incl power adapter in the box. Dead mint has about 1 hour of play time on it. Modifications (if any): None. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Felt pads for the bottom if you have a wood floor...
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    /FT Feeler: Ibanez RG2228A Black w/ Hardcase

    Brief & Accurate Description of guitar: Black Ibanez RG2228A in killer shape. I think it literally has like a combined 5 hours of playtime on it. All case candy included. Bone stock w/ no mods other than strap pins. Dimarzio Dactivator8's... Modifications: Dunlop straplock pins. Accessories...
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    Sterling JP70's One Green, One Purple

    Bump. @dimebag1221, missed your post dude. Sorry, looking to sell'r off...I have a 2228A that doesn't get played enough as it is.