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  1. Vehuel

    My V-picks Review!

    Hi Guys, I hope this will be useful for you! :) I- INTRO I always told everyone that a pick would be an asset for the tone, because it has an impact on the tone produced, depending on the models used. For more than 15 years, I really considered this as a part of my tone...
  2. Vehuel

    [Bass] Orange OBC Stack with my Darkglass

    Hey guys, I found my 6 strings bass and went for a wonderful Dingwall Combustion. I found a band 1 week after having my bass.. Wonderful! <3 I have a Darkglass Microtubes v2 900, and tried an Orange OBC 410 cab during Xmas holidays. I loved the sound and the gowl I had with it! I sent it back...
  3. Vehuel

    Komplete Kontrol A61 with other VSTs?

    Hello, I'm seriously thinking about buying a Komplete Kontrol A61, and it's sold with a lot of great VST, but I can't find if we can control ANY other vst than Native Instrument's ones? Thank's!
  4. Vehuel

    [Bass] Which cab for F#0 bass? Live situation

    Hello friends! Sorry for the multiples threads, but I don't want to mix different subjects, as things will get more simple! :) As an 8 strings guitarist I'm gonna buy a Dingwall Combustion 6 strings, tuned in low F# to match my 8 strings guitar tuning BUT for playing djent but also jazz/funk...
  5. Vehuel

    [Bass] Darkglass B7K or Axe FX 2? Sutdio and live

    Hey guys, I'm ordering my Dingwall Combustion 6 really soon (tomorrow in the evening the payment will be done :D), tuned to low F#0 to match my 8 strings guitar. I already have an Axe FX 2 XL+, which is awesome for guitars, unlimited source of inspiration, but as I don't have any bass for the...
  6. Vehuel

    Ibanez BTB 35" for a F# tuning... Doable? :)

    Hello, As an 8 strings guitarist I'd like to have a Bass soon and this model catches my attention: I just love it in terms of aesthetics, but I don't know anything about bass. The only thing I'd like to is to tune it in F#BEADG to...
  7. Vehuel

    Kiesel 8 strings guitar with 3 single coils! Strat style.

    Hi all, I recently bought a Custom Shop Fender Strat that I really love but I always get frustrated because of the lack of 2 extra strings. I really enjoy the strat sound but I'd like to have 2 extra strings, it s just better for me, I enjoy extended range guitars. I already have a Skervesen 8...
  8. Vehuel

    Help needed for creating a logo

    Hello guys, I'd like to design my own logo but I haven't any skills into art or whatever to achieve this... So I'm asking to you if some kind souls could manage this or advise me someone who could do it. The faster the better :) I'd like to have my own logo for a cover, but also to do as fat...
  9. Vehuel

    A good combo of woods for an 8 strings?

    Hello everybody, I m searching for your help because I m not very used to the combos of wood on 8 strings. I just had my place in the last Skervesen viper run for the 5th anniversary, I m very happy but I don t wanna do the "wrong" choices of wood because even if the options are not so...
  10. Vehuel

    Skervesen or Blackat 2017, the choice of my life! :D

    Hello guys, I see the prices of the two brands are increasing since few years but I'd like to buy one. The question is what brand should I take, because the price is almost similar, but Skervesen is always more expensive than Blackat. I heard the finishes of the Blackat to be slightly less...
  11. Vehuel

    Ibanez Jcustom 8127! Ultimate 7 Strings!

    Classifieds are for contributing members only :coffee:
  12. Vehuel

    Carvin Legacy VS Hi gain HEad (Europe)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Carvin Legacy VL 100, Steve Vai Signature, 2 years old, I'm the third owner but the head and tubes are like new, because it didn't was used a lot. I want to trade it, because I'll join a metal band, so I need more gain with nice clean sounds. I'd like to...
  13. Vehuel

    /FT DiMarzio Breed Neck VS DiMarzio 7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: DiMarzio Breed F-Spaced Neck Modifications (if any): New Just taken off my Jem for a sustainer Accessories (hardshell case etc): / Location (City,State or City,Country): Chateaubriant, France Contact Info (No Phone #s): rodneymullen_1987 at...
  14. Vehuel

    Ibanez J Custom 6 or 7 string MINT

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: I'm searching for an Ibanez J custom MINT, 6 or 7 strings (7 strings prefered) with Tree of Life inlay. Vintage Violin, Fire Agathe, Transarent Blue finishes prefered, but feel free to propose. Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Complete if possible Your...
  15. Vehuel

    Ibanez J custom 7 strings

    Hello! Gear/Guitar Wanted: Ibanez J custom RG 8427 FE Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original J custom case and goodies Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Angers, France International OK?: Europe prefered, but other countries welcome Contact Info (No Phone #s)...