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  1. TheWarAgainstTime

    Peavey valve king 100 Amp head

    What settings are you using on the amp and Tube Screamer? The VK definitely isn't a brutal high gain monster, but it can get a more than workable metal tone with a boost. Kyle Bull (@BadSeed ) has done a handful of videos with that amp and got some solid tones. The speaker cabinet probably...
  2. TheWarAgainstTime

    FS Pedals and pickup

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: MXR Super Comp, Fortin Grind Mini, Kent Armstrong WPUJB Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): none Location (City,State or City,Country): Austin area, TX International OK? : no Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM here References...
  3. TheWarAgainstTime

    Favorite Guitar Picks

    Jason Richardson did a rig rundown recently and showed off some prototype picks Dunlop made for him that were JIII size/shape with a Sharp style tip. Those may fit the bill just right for you if they get released as a production signature model :yesway:
  4. TheWarAgainstTime

    Are You Influenced by Influencers?

    I actually got a little frustrated the other day surfing through demos of the Walrus ARP-87 delay because none of the videos I found from channels I trust/have a frame of reference with did a very good job of explaining the "less obvious" aspects. Thank goodness you spent 8 minutes explaining...
  5. TheWarAgainstTime

    Amp Casters

    They're pricey, but I'm a big fan of the Mesa Track Lock casters. I've got them installed on all of my cabs, including the non-Mesa ones :yesway:
  6. TheWarAgainstTime

    Suggestions needed for affordable & quality Instrument cables

    Building your own is the best option :metal: custom length, quality parts, and super cost-effective. The regular Live Wire cables are about as cheap as you can get without worrying about quality IME. They have a lifetime replacement warranty, but I've never had one fail on me anyway.
  7. TheWarAgainstTime

    NPD: Dispatch Master V3 (#2)

    I had a V1 a few years ago. Loved the sound of it, but moved it along (idiot) to try out different dedicated delays and reverbs. Definitely wouldn't mind picking up a V2 or V3 if the right deal came along :idea: HNPD!
  8. TheWarAgainstTime

    New cab day / grandpa amps?

    Man, I've been REALLY regretting not picking up one or more vintage Fender amps over the last several years now that the prices are getting so ridiculous :( I don't really "need" a dedicated clean/pedal platform amp, but I just can't get rid of the bug in my head that says I need a drip edge...
  9. TheWarAgainstTime

    FYI: DiMarzio website COMPLETELY changed their Bass/Middle/Treble tone charts

    Going through the full lineup of pickups to compare the listed EQ response to my personal experience with certain models, I'm noticing two things: 1. There are very few that I feel are "accurate" to how I hear them in my own setup. No idea how they're coming up with those numbers, but as long...
  10. TheWarAgainstTime

    New Cab Day

    Nice grab! I had a JCM900 1960A years ago and it was solid :metal:
  11. TheWarAgainstTime

    5150 III 50W troubles

    I've had a V1 6l6 50w for over 8 years and haven't had any of those issues. If you're in the market for one and are still worried about potential issues, just try to buy locally and try it out first or buy from a store with a good return policy.
  12. TheWarAgainstTime

    I think I've been buying guitars with the "wrong" neck thickness. Any recommendations?

    I played thin, flat necks for a few years before realizing I prefer a round profile and moderate thickness. My favorite neck is on my Carvin TL60, so you might look into Kiesel for any of their 26.5" 6 strings. $1200 would have to be a pretty bare-bones build brand new, but that puts you in a...
  13. TheWarAgainstTime

    Gave my 5150iii 50w a facelift

    Looks good! It's like the inverse of what I did to mine: These amps punch WAY above their weight for both size and price point :metal:
  14. TheWarAgainstTime

    The Guitar and Bass Straps' Thread

    I use the same 2" black Dimarzio Clip-Lock straps on all of my guitars and my bass. I even have a couple of spare ones around just in case I get more guitars :lol: Simple, reliable, and inexpensive. I don't typically care for colors or patterns on straps unless it's something intentionally...
  15. TheWarAgainstTime

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    My main guitar has String Saver saddles and a TUSQ nut. I really love the tone of that guitar, so much so that I've never bothered comparing those saddles with normal metal ones :metal:
  16. TheWarAgainstTime

    Choosing pickups for ESP Eclipse II DB

    If you like the 7 string Titan, then that's probably a safe bet for this guitar too. I've had the Titan set in a handful of guitars and liked it best in my old Schecter Blackjack C1. Still 25.5" but it had a mahogany body and was very dark/full acoustically. It's been a while since I've played...
  17. TheWarAgainstTime

    Big Blocks for Ibanez trems / FU-Tone Block benefits?

    I swapped the stock block on a Floyd Special for an L-shaped big brass block from FU. The guitar it went in is bright with a relatively thin low end and the bigger block helped fill it out a bit. Not a night-and-day difference, but there's definitely something to it, at least tonally. I haven't...
  18. TheWarAgainstTime

    Is it time to get new tubes?

    It could be something as simple as a dirty connection/jack on the footswitch, cable, or footswitch jack on the back of the amp, especially if everything is back to normal now. Probably just a reminder to hit your gear with some electronics duster and/or Deoxit once in a while :shrug: c7spheres...
  19. TheWarAgainstTime

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    That's a great deal! My brother has a pair of the short-board Pro 1V pedals and they're by far my favorite pedals I've ever tried, including various Axis and Iron Cobra models we've owned. Always been curious about the long board versions too, but I'm not playing drums much anymore :(
  20. TheWarAgainstTime

    Great looking combo amps?

    Stained hardwood and wicker grill Marks: The Thread :lol: I may be in the minority, but I've always thought that silver-face and drip edge Fender amps look WAY better than their black/brown/tweed/blonde equivalents :wub: