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    T.V. shows you've been watching

    My biggest gripe with stranger things season 4 is the whole Russia storyline.
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    swollen pickle fuzz

    Fuzz is fun. I have a Russian muff reissue and a fuzz factory. With 808 in front the muff gets tight enough for me. But I’m one one those weird guys who play in standard/ drop d / e flat
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    EHX String9 String Ensemble

    The 9 series is a little gimmicky , but I’m here for this one. Looks fun.
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    Mastodon "Blood And Thunder" cover (AxeFX III)

    programming those drums , you may as well hunt moby dick. That’s a pretty mean feat Good job on the song. I still listen to this album semi regular. As raw as it is , I love the rawness.
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    Best Solid state combo?

    depends what you want I have a katana 50 mk2 and think its great . but I use it on clean channel with pedals . I prefer pedal for high gain sounds, It can sound decent high gain on the amp , bit its easier with pedals for me
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    Will tube amps take a hit?

    I don’t like brakes in my amp. Wait ! What are we talking about again.
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    Will tube amps take a hit?

    Point taken. But it feels different. Well in my limited electric experience.
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    Will tube amps take a hit?

    the amps will stay. actual tubes may become too scare one day in the future, but there's already solid state tube replacements out there that reportedly sound pretty good. that tech will improve if needed can you do it with a modeler ? of course. but does driving an electric car feel the same...
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    Angel Dust turns 30 years old

    Really kinda skiped this album versus the others. At the time it came out i was in a different vibe. And I haven’t really gone back to it other than a random listen here and there over the years.
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    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    Fair enough. For me cause i start my day ealry , and pretty much always have a late dinner , it’s pretty easy to just skip the morning and have an early lunch. I actually Don’t ever miss it. It’s not like I want breakfast and deny myself it. That’s what he thing. It’s more about what works for...
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    How do you feel about NAMM 2022?

    I think this kind of thing is on the way out in general . Just like e3 for games. With all the opportunities to launch your new products online , the idea of a confrence is a little Outdated. Would be graTbfin to go see all this stuff in person , but is the expense to the manufacturers really...
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    Anyone tried D'addario XT/XS strings?

    All good. Thought there was a whole line of strings I had never heard of.
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    Way of the Gearwhore

    Or you sell something your not really using so you have some spending cash to get something else. Then spend double what you have
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    Anyone tried D'addario XT/XS strings?

    Now Now I’m confused. Is nyxt the same as xt? Or are there 2 types ?
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    Anyone tried D'addario XT/XS strings?

    I see EB makes 7 to 36 now. That’s insane. Not really OP related , but string related.
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    Anyone tried D'addario XT/XS strings?

    9.5 are nice, but I think I prefer the 10s in e flat. On my strat at least. 9 in e flat just too floppy to do for me
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    Anyone tried D'addario XT/XS strings?

    Kind of insane what’s going on in the string world at the moment. Def overkill for choice. Yet alone coated , now there’s all these new funky half gauges. Haven’t tried the XT or XS , but after trying a bunch of the new , fancy ,coated , marketed string types I just went back and bought 10...
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    New Lamb of God album, Omens, is on the way

    Resolution is the last album I have spent allot of time with , but I always check out their new albums as they Come along.
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    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    I think the whole "you need 3 balanced meals a day to be healthy" thing is outdated . different things work for different people . we have generally accepted we eat too much, and wont starve to death skipping a meal I do 2 meals a day, but don't have breakfast . Just a coffee to get me going...