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  1. darren

    My Kiesel/Carvin "Scarlet" NGD. Everything in and many pics.

    That looks really cool. For some reason, the photos look like they've had filters applied, but the backgrounds look normal. The reds must be really messing with your camera's sensor! It's a shame they couldn't have continued the binding effect on the headstock as well… it's really missing...
  2. darren

    Hardtail Floyd?

    I'm really surprised Floyd Rose hasn't put out an Original Floyd style bridge with hardtail mounts. They did a Speedloader hardtail, and it wouldn't be all that difficult to do a stud-mounted OFR like Ibanez did with the FX-Edge. I'd be all over that.
  3. darren

    Ultra Lightweight Headless Travel Guitar Build!

    Under 3 lbs?! :bowdown: I've got a featherweight headless build in progress right now, and it's currently around 4 lbs. all in, but that includes more conventional pickups and a StewMac Hot Rod, which might be the heaviest single part on the whole guitar, after the bridge. I'm trying to wrap...
  4. darren

    After the Burial guitarist quits Update: 7/22/15 RIP Justin Lowe

    The band's statement was spot on, and i hope he's safe and getting the help he needs.
  5. darren

    NHRGD (new heavy-relic guitar day!)

  6. darren


    I'm amazed that was still around… i haven't seen any musical instruments in the Best Buys around here for months. They got out of that game quite a while ago, even before they decided to shut down Future Shop. Amazing deal on that! Anything 400-series and up should be a solid instrument...
  7. darren

    [Finished] lefty Steinberger Synapse project

    I love the AR carrying handle idea. Very cool conversion!
  8. darren

    Parallel or compensated neck laminates?

    The way I look at it, you'd want to have the glue joints running parallel to the force of the string tension. But an important thing to remember is that each string doesn't really exert an individual force vector on the neck. They pretty much get summed together to the total string tension...
  9. darren

    NGD: Kiesel V6 (Blue Metallic)

    Wow, what a gorgeous shade of blue. The satin really shows it off. I'm not crazy about the zebrano board with that, though. I think it would have looked better with just about anything else… ebony, maple, even rosewood.
  10. darren

    Ibanez RG1527M: Pink Paisley Refinish

    Wow, that looks fantastic! Nice job!
  11. darren

    NGD! really wanted this since it came out

    This is probably one of my favourite JP variants. The paint, the ebony board and the black hardware all just look and feel like an exotic sports car.
  12. darren

    Proud Papa - My 2 year old on 2 wheels....

    That is so awesome. We have a skate/BMX park near us, and one day I saw a kid bombing around in there who couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 years old. Totally fearless. Apparently, as soon as his big brother got a two-wheeler, he wanted one as well, and mastered it in no time.
  13. darren

    NGD: I stole this guitar.

    When you find a guitar that you jive with, who cares what's written on the headstock or how much it (didn't) cost? Play it and smile. :)
  14. darren

    Trouble connecting jack input

    Yup, you can ignore it. One way to check which terminal is which is to plug a cable into it and use a meter or continuity tester. Touch one probe to one solder lug on the jack, and touch the other to the tip, ring and sleeve/shaft of the plug at the other end of the cable. Stereo jacks and...
  15. darren

    NGD Kiesel V8 Vader

    Even in daylight, there's some purple fringing on your photos… you wouldn't happen to have a red or purple case on it, would you? What phone is it? I've never seen colour shift quite that bad before. Sweet guitar… i love solid white tops on dark backs. Great look.
  16. darren

    Can someone exactly identify this PRS?

    There's a REALLY sweet solid black one on eBay right now. 94 Paul Reed Smith CE 24 with Birds | eBay And a nice quilted blue one: Exceptional 1996 PRS CE 24 Custom Guitar with Abalone Birds | eBay
  17. darren

    Jillard Armada 5 String Bass Run

    Definitely. And especially good for veneering.
  18. darren

    Show me pointy 7 strings!

    Whether it's the V220 or X220, a 7-string Carvin in that shape would be so awesome.
  19. darren

    Jillard Armada 5 String Bass Run

    Yup, i had the exact same experience. What i did was machine the clamping plate on the CNC and to a very slight "dome" profile, so when i clamp (bolt) it down from the edges, it produces even e pressure across the whole plate from the centre outwards, like a two-dimensional bow clamp.