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  1. Edika

    NGD: Kamer SM-1H: Single Humbucker 80's Throwback

    Looks so cool and congrats! And with one hum, it's just a metal machine! I know a lot of people don't care for the JB but it's a classic, can cover a lot of ground and for someone buying their first decent guitar it's a good upgrade. Of course X2N or Warpig are on another level output wise lol!
  2. Edika

    Knightbrolaire's build thread

    Are you going headless with the Nighthawk design or haven't settled on a headstock yet? It looks really cool but if it has all those edges it seems its going to be quite a challenging build!
  3. Edika

    Peavey valve king 100 Amp head

    It's not a 5150 for sure but I remember it got quite gainy but mostly for 80's metal and maybe some 80-90's Thrash. It's been a while though. A distortion in the clean channel the majority of the times sounds like ass unless he gets a distortion pedal that costs more than the amp itself. If he's...
  4. Edika

    Peavey valve king 100 Amp head

    I haven't played a Valveking for several years but I think that your cab might be the issue and not the amp. Not sure what speakers the Crate cab has, I'm guessing Crate generic speakers. I'm quite sure if you try it with a better cab, it'll sound a lot better.
  5. Edika

    Comment Section Gold!

  6. Edika

    Comment Section Gold!

    I've seen ads for Platinum BC Riches in the £1000 mark, nothing surprises me anymore lol!
  7. Edika

    NGD: Agile Intrepid 2527

    The Intrepid is a really kick ass shape that it always worked to my eyes on ERG instruments. Congrats and it looks great man!
  8. Edika

    Comment Section Gold!

    Sorry for the multiposts, I'm just finding them and sharing them after edit function has gone off on each post. One could argue I could gather a few and put them in one post but who's got the patience for that?
  9. Edika

    Comment Section Gold!

  10. Edika

    Comment Section Gold!

  11. Edika

    NGD: Carvin DC727

    Congrats and that looks great! If you open the control cavity, there is a dB dial/screw that you can set up the output of the preamp. It can be used a solo boost to give a bit more kick to the sound without changing channels. I have it on my DC400 and as it is a quite bright guitar, it adds...
  12. Edika

    Erik Rutan BC Rich Ironbird 7

    I regret selling my Stealth Marc Rizzo and would gladly get one again, but aside no one selling one I would not pay the insane prices people are asking. I mean its great if someone manages to get that much money for it, but not from me for sure!
  13. Edika

    IR vs Real Cab (Blind Test Comparison)

    Just using the shitty mobile phone speakers I didn't hear any change or difference. I'll try with my headphones later but I'm guessing I won't hear a difference there.
  14. Edika

    The best 5150 ever made!

    Great video as usual Jon! I hope you get a replacement soon and that you don't have more issues with it! Even though I have a Peavey 5150 II I've been interested in the EVH 5150 III. But there are so many versions and I'm not sure which one I should be going after. Plus I've read that the 50W...
  15. Edika

    Balaguer Guitars - xiphos shape "Tartarus"

    Do they offer stainless steel frets as a standard option? Because I don't see any mention in the builder. Plus it's great and all but even my most minimalist spec end up over $2000.
  16. Edika

    Are You Influenced by Influencers?

    Yeah Jon is really thorough too and does provide isolated tracks along with the mixes. He takes the amps through the paces with various guitars, tunings and pickups and various styles. But to do that he has to pre record stuff. The good thing with Kyle is the live factor and changing specs on...
  17. Edika

    Are You Influenced by Influencers?

    I tend to avoid channels that always review the latest flavor of the week. I like to see reviews of older more obscure stuff I might be interested. I don't have any misconceptions that what I hear in the channels represent reality but you can get some idea if it's a tone I'd like. I like Jon's...
  18. Edika

    Jackson/Charvel 2022 thread

    I got emails from a few UK sites about the new X series models and that Ferrari Red warrior immediately caught my eye! But because this is a new model and there's no delivery date in site, it's listed as "discontinued, not available to order". What's the point then in putting it on your site...
  19. Edika

    Your main guitar

    I can't really choose as it changes from time to time. From the guitars I own I'll play one mainly, put it down to grab another I haven't played in a while, wonder why I haven't been playing it this whole time instead of the other and the cycle goes on!
  20. Edika

    Way of the Gearwhore

    I've been guilty of buying too many guitars (not for the standards of some members here lol) then selling them as I don't use them, be happy I managed to make some money back, swear I won't let it get like that again and a couple of years down the line, here we are again lol! I don't miss most...