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  1. KR250

    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    I'm keeping that one for the moment, so have been able to play it a bit here and there. Here's some observations so far: Putting it together and shaping it is the hard part. Dulls blades quickly. Have to run really low RPM for any cutting, drilling, or routing. No chipping or tear out which is...
  2. KR250

    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    Haven't posted here in a while, but still somewhat active on builds in between house remodel projects, day job, and car projects. More active on IG now but will try and post completed builds here. I finished up the 7 string Jem, it had a lot of challenges (parts build), and while not perfect...
  3. KR250

    Can you paint/refinish Richlite?

    You can definitely finish Richlite, they recommend using Osmo poly. I did a full neck with a satin poly which turned out really nicely. As mentioned above, it doesn't take stain or any oil finish well.
  4. KR250

    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    Finally, NGD! This one took way too long, mostly getting the finish right (or the best I could). I had intentions of trying to recoup some cost for future builds by selling it, but I may keep it. As mentioned above, it has a full Richlite neck & fretboard which was a super PITA to work with...
  5. KR250

    MikeNeal's Consolidated Build Thread/Works In Progress

    Nice to see you back at it, though car season isn't totally over yet :P (boost weather!). How do you plan to finish it?
  6. KR250

    Taylor's Consolidated Projects Thread

    Wow, that save is epic! Can't even tell.
  7. KR250

    LiveOVErdrive's consolidated build thread

    Looking good! I'm a big fan of neck/body transitions like that.
  8. KR250

    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    Well, I'm putting EMG's in it so the tone wood debate is out. :P While it was some work to shape and cut it (don't even think about trying to plane or joint it - it just skips over the blades), there are some major benefits to using the Richlite already from a construction standpoint...
  9. KR250

    Taylor's Consolidated Projects Thread

    Doh, been there done that with those thin bits. Gotta buy two or more at a time and label them with a reminder to go slow and shallow.
  10. KR250

    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    Haven't been active here in a while, but nearly done with the latest 7 string build. Went back to BriteTone for the finish on this one and used a taklon brush to apply which worked out reasonably well. It was super easy to apply, though spraying would have been better. 10 coats total and letting...
  11. KR250

    Did I jack my Evertune bridge up?

    If I'm understanding correctly, sounds like it just required pushing the saddle back forward to fix? I've had this happen a few times, I usually just use the tuning key on the intonation screw and push it that way. You'll see the screw stuck out a bit if that's the issue.
  12. KR250

    Anybody else waiting 10 years for their custom guitar to be built? (Vik)

    To the OP, sorry to hear that, 10 years is ridiculous and doesn't sound like there is a way to get your money back. I just filed a dispute for something non-guitar related with Paypal and was able to get a forced refund, but there is a 90 day limit. I also watch his IG feed and see a constant...
  13. KR250

    TSmith Guitars

    FWIW, a lot of my wood purchases are exclusively through IG, which then result in a Paypal invoice to pay and said wood shipping out with a tracking number. Has worked well for me as a customer.
  14. KR250

    Hardware for headless build

    Received my T4M hardware a little while ago. Wasn't cheap and took about 6 weeks, but communication was good and the quality is superb. Got 5 bass modules and 10 guitar modules with the lowest 2 customized to fit larger strings. They have the mini ball bearings included.
  15. KR250

    Anyone else get post project depression?

    I always keep thinking about the next project and planning it out and how to make it better while I'm working on the current one.
  16. KR250

    Looking for an alternative to Evertune

    I'll agree with most of this. It definitely does what it promises and keeps notes across the entire fretboard in tune with micro precision. That does help with keeping the instrument better intonated while playing, unless your technique is perfect. To the OP, I don't know any other system that...
  17. KR250

    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    Finally getting back into building again, had a diversion with car hobbies that I've mostly scratched for now. Slotted the Richlite fret board tonight to go along with the Richlite neck I did a while ago. Still need to route the truss rod and glue it all up. Trying to decide if I want to do...
  18. KR250

    DIY Fret Levelling Advice

    Man, I need to get a buffing wheel. Micromesh works well but is long and tedious, and my fingers always hurt afterwards.
  19. KR250

    IceKelly build

    Don't overheat the binding! I made that mistake once and had to start over. Some light heat until it just barely starts to bend and you are good. Looking forward to seeing the completed guitar.
  20. KR250

    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    It's the Triple, been on my bucket list for a long time and sounds great with that cab.