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  1. Surveyor 777

    NGD: Strandberg Boden Original NX7

    Wow (OP) - that looks great! I love the blue body/maple fretboard combo.
  2. Surveyor 777

    NGD: Gio Edition

    Congrats! Yours looks great - hope you're loving it. I pre-ordered one from Sweetwater as soon as I heard about them - mine came in a couple of months ago. Never had a full-sized Gio before (I do have a Mikro), so was curious about the neck. I have to say, I love the neck profile. Not...
  3. Surveyor 777

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    And then that Nita sig - mmm. I have her regular signature but this one looks way better.
  4. Surveyor 777

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    OK, I really have had no interest in the PIA since the day it was released. But now.......
  5. Surveyor 777

    IBANEZ JPM7 Swiss Camo inspired RG7620

    That looks amazing!
  6. Surveyor 777

    Merrow - Mojave Repressions (New Album)

    I'll buy the MP3 (or WAV - is one better?), but I really do wish I could get this on CD. Especially Conquering Dystopia. I believe there was some issue with their label that wouldn't allow them to make CD's. I still have a lot of CD players around, plus can always copy it to iTunes.
  7. Surveyor 777

    NGD Jackson RRX24 MG-7

    That looks great! Congrats!
  8. Surveyor 777

    Acoustic 7’s 2022

    Thanks to all for your info. Yes, I get it about the jumbo frets. With the guitars I have, many have "jumbo" frets, but they definitely aren't the same between brands. And just thinking about it, I have an LTD M-1000 from back around 2015. I just googled the specs on that - supposed to have...
  9. Surveyor 777

    Acoustic 7’s 2022

    Scordare, can you give any input on the neck dimensions? I read in the specs that it has a "thin U" neck shape. I Googled that and came up with about 20mm thick at 1st fret and around 22 mm at the 12th. Does that seem accurate? OR can you compare it to some other guitar that's similar...
  10. Surveyor 777

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Some questions about this: 1. I assume these are KM7 MKIII models? 2. Are these artist models or hybrids? Just picked up a hybrid last month and would be very interested if these were hybrids, but I guess the Artist isn't that much more expensive. 3. Re: #2 - maybe these are Artists? I'm...
  11. Surveyor 777

    The Peavey Vandenberg is Coming Back?!?

    Depending on what finish they go with and other specs, I'd probably buy one. Need more 24.75" superstrats, for variety.
  12. Surveyor 777

    NGD: Suhr Modern 7 Floyd Rose

    That's gorgeous. Well, they BOTH are gorgeous. That's the first time I've ever seen a guitar with two D-tunas. Neat idea.
  13. Surveyor 777

    NGD Ibanez RGD7UCS

    Congrats - it looks great! Question for you - how do you like the bridge? I almost bought a 6-string with that same type of bridge but didn't - but I'm still wondering how people like that. From what I've read it seems nice but I would always like to hear owner's opinions.
  14. Surveyor 777

    New 7-String Jeff Loomis Jackson Signature

    Congrats Ron - that looks great! I decided last week that I'll be getting one of these - whenever they are in stock. I have Jeff's Schecter (one of the later models before it was discontinued - so not the tinted neck/fretboard version) and love that, so am excited about this. Originally was...
  15. Surveyor 777

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Do you mind if I ask where you pre-ordered from? I was thinking about picking up one of those GIO's, as they looked pretty nice to me and I don't have a GIO (except for a 15-yr old Mikro, which is surprisingly good for the price). I haven't pre-ordered one but I did pre-order (from Sweetwater)...
  16. Surveyor 777

    Sterling JP-70 MD vs Sterling Richardson7 DSBS

    Sorry I can't help with a comparison but I picked up a JP70 last week (GC Pres. Day sale). Haven't had a chance to play with it because I believe the nut is too high/slots not cut down deep enough. Hope to work on that tonight. All in all, it seems like a good guitar. The MD looks a lot...
  17. Surveyor 777

    Acoustic 7’s 2022

    I like that LTD. Thought about picking up one of the 6-string LTD's a few years ago but never did. This looks nice.
  18. Surveyor 777

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Never thought about that, but yeah - that's a good idea (to me).
  19. Surveyor 777

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    How about you can get a silver dot UV reissue and I can get a Premium UV777GR? I most likely couldn't afford a UV777GR reissue.
  20. Surveyor 777

    NGD Fernandes RT-7 7 string Strat

    That looks great! I had no idea Fernandes made 7-strings.