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  • just repped you and seen it's the b-day (lol). mines tommorow

    That"s some seriously sick sounding grind. Mean and nasty stuff!!! BRAVO
    Haven't gotten to the car yet, :lol: but I have to go buy a tire now, and I'll stick the info in my pocket when I get down there, so I can get it to you tonight.
    Cool dude, thanks for the info! I really appreciate it! :wub: I just ordered two sets of the orange neons for my Ibby 6'er and a set of the orange 5-string bass strings! :D Thanks again! :yesway:
    Hey man I saw that you're using the DR neon strings. I've been thinking about buying some for my guitar and bass, how do they hold up to heavy picking? I had some of their black-coated sets in the past and the coating started flaking off within a week of play directly under where I pick. :( Are the neons he same way? Thanks dude! :wavey:
    If that Asesino show's at Brick, then it's probably going to be 21 and up. Unfortunately I don't turn 21 for another 11 days. D:
    totally badass!!!!! do you have guns too, cause you are wearing a bullet proof type vest!!!
    Hey man, months and months back i started a thread on 'community mixing' but then haven't visited the forum again for a long time for various reasons until recently! You had mentioned on there that you were looking for someone to mix your black metal project and I would like to say that I've had some experience at recording/mixing local bands in my home studio and I'd be down for giving some of your tracks a mix/master for free and you can use them or not use them if you want :) It would be good experience for me and might help you as well ah :) Anyway you've probably moved onto other things by now but yeah if you want I'd be interested! Cheers, James.
    Yeah, it's so sick in real life man! I'm replacing the pickups though with Dimarzios. The AH pups are decent, but get really muddy on the low B.
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