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  • ...and one day you meet THE woman. ;)
    Keep in mind it will be much easier to make rocknroll extras as a classical musician than the reverse, too.
    But then I'm 37 and have a settled man's view on life. ^^
    Well, one thing that can sway you one way or the other: in classical, when you work for the XXXX orchestra or are a techer at the school of XXXX, although you won't escape weird hours, you won't have to travel (much) and it's way easier on the family life.
    No, I'm a purely amateur musician, I'm 37 and in the video game industry, nothing related. Both my parents were classical professionals, my father was second viola solist in the Opera de Paris and my mother was in the choir there. I do have a lot of connections and friends in this business though.
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