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  • Hello, I was wondering If you could recommend me some BKP's for an Ibanez premium 7? I have a SD distortion in the bridge right now that I find a bit too dark and lacks clarity. I've also tried a crunchlab that was too bright and had a gross midrange. Any advice would help, thanks bud!
    Hey Nick I was wondering if you got my PM? I sent it a day or two ago and haven't heard back from you.
    Maybe this would make you proud :lol:
    You make an insane service with your store.
    This is the guitar area of the biggest music store in Roma, Italy
    Chitarre Elettriche Solid Body | Chitarre | Chitarre Amplificazione Effetti | Page 1-15 | Strumenti Musicali Yourmusic Roma
    I could only dream a place like AxePalace here :)
    Nick whats been your favorite sounding pickups in your RC7'S? Im looking for nice leads in the neck(butter smooth) and nice tight mean in bridge pup. Thanks man and enjoy the new RC you got man!
    Hey just a follow up if you know what the heck happened to MHD pickups? Should have put my money on the BKP and been done with it!!!
    What BKP Humbucker would you recommend for the bridge spot in a PRS SE Korina Singlecut? From everything I've read, the PRS has a lot of highs and mids but not much in the way of low mids. I play metal rhythm, I'm looking for clarity without an excess of treble (or mids), although I plan on keeping the PRS in E/Eb tuning. I'm looking into the Korina because I've heard good things about PRS SE's and the lightweight Korina would be a lot easier for my shoulder injury.

    Judging from the info on the BKP site concerning the EQ curves of pickups, I'm between the Miracle Man and Ceramic Warpig. What BKP would you suggest (or you could name another brand, if you like). Amp is a peavey xxx (w/kt77's and a few low output tubes that I can't recall) and 2 x Eminence v128's.

    I heard you were the go to expert on H&K amps. I own a Triamp MKII and was wondering if you had any information regarding biasing. I usually bias my own amps and have biased an MKI before, but thought id ask before I pull the amp out of the chassis.
    I want to get something in between a After the Burial tone and a structures tone lol but still be able to lighten up a bit
    Hey I got a quick BKP question for you. can you tell how a Cold Sweat set is gonna sound in a mahogany/koa heavy DC800. I wanted something extremely clear and medium output. they worked well on my Regius 7 but I was wondering if you could tell me how they hold up on the 8
    Hi Nick! I know that you are a lot into VHT! I just needed an advice,I play bass in a band,and one of the 2 guitarist has a VHT pittbull 50 watt with graphic EQ and a Schecter ATX with Blackouts.
    The other guitarist has a Mesa Dual Recto and an Hellraiser with EMGs.
    The VHT keeps drowning in the mix and doesnt satisfy us.

    Do you have any tips for the graphic EQ and settings that should help?

    He also scooped his mids,both with the graphic and knob EQ,which is BAD for a band situation.

    We play this:

    Heartworm | The Path Less Traveled Records

    Thanks a lot for the tips,I hope we can sort it out,since the VHTs are awesome if used well.
    Nick, I am ready to make that purchase on te H&K Coreblade and Cabinet. How do I get the deal that we discussed previously, or I that deal still available?
    Hey Nick,

    Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of my 1st BKP purchase. So to celebrate, I'm going to buy another! Or something else if recommended.
    The guitar it will be going into is an Ibanez RGD420z into the bridge position. Specs are as follows; 3pc Wizard III Maple neck, Rosewood Fretboard, Basswood body, Jumbo frets, Edge-Zero II bridge w/ZPS3Fe, 26.5 inch scale.
    Playing through a Peavey 6505 boosted with a TS9 through an Orange PPC412.

    I'm playing in a Death Metal/Core (Call it what you want) band, tuned to drop A. Check ENCELADUS | Pure Deathcore which is our latest release for an idea of what we are about.
    As far as describing the tone I'm after... Balls. Big tight balls! It must thump hard! I want the front row of people at my next show to headless after the first song. Clarity is also a must! Crushing, punishing, tight, clear and FAT!
    What are your thoughts?
    Cheers for any help!
    Yeah that would great man. I know it wouldn't be free, I only asked about the coreblade cab because I haven't found any MC412 cabs for sale. I believe the the V30s will do fine though. I'll contact you once I have the money.
    I'll actually take you up on that offer. I should have the money saved up by mid-August. I'd like to get the H&K VC 412 A30 cabinet, too. I appreciate the discount on the head ;)
    I was told you were the man!

    I am buying a Hughes & Kettner 100W Head within a month, and I'm stuck between the Coreblade and the Triamp Mk 1. I heard the Mk 1 has reliability issues. Is there any truth to that? Also, which cabinet would best represent either of these Heads?

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