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  • Also, i really dont think the extra 20 points per unit (at maximum) is going to screw any plans around for other units armaments :lol:
    Well i couldnt see anything about how much each model is worth (points wise) but honestly, you can have between 10 and 20 of them... even if you only have 10, give them the lasguns. It means that you have 'expendable' units (to an extent) that can also deal out some ok damage in close combat, and have some limited fire range too. I say its definitely worth the extra point per model :yesway:

    I mean, they either get shot at and die before they even GET to close combat (without the laspistols), or they get shot at and soem die befoer returning a little bit of fire and then (hopefully) getting to deal out some damage in the assault as well (them with the laspistols).
    I think its a great idea dude. Its such awesome fun mixing and matching parts, if i had time and money id do the same :yesway: (although obviously not with the same armies ;))
    I have no idea what it is. :lol:

    Dorian gave it to me in that random avatar thread.
    My sister and my brother in law do that, actually... :lol:

    Amanda and I are planning on a little bit of that, admittedly, when we finalize our live situation. :erk: :lol:

    And yes... it's just like South Park. Bed pans and all. :squint:

    Looks like we hired a new drummer as of yesterday, so that's exciting. :D Sorry to hear you haven't had time to play, but even jamming with stuff on the laptop is more than I've been doing lately. :wallbash: Working on that,though. Summer FTW!
    You and me both, brotha'. ;)

    I've been working a lot, and playing a poopload of WoW with my love. :wub: We're trying out a new drummer tonight at band practice, though, so at least I have some kind of music related stuff going on.

    Soo... Death tabs, eh? How's your theory and/or lead-work, anyway?
    haha, yeah, if we're still hanging out here (most likely we still will be :lol:) i'll take a picture.. of myself. I reckon taking pictures of yourself is gay though.
    My computer speakers are broked :( It really blows, cos now i have no way of listening to music on speakers :( And i have to use headphones for making my wackytronic-industrials :noway::noplease::(
    Thanks for that dude, im really surprised at the positive feedback i'ev got from those songs to be honest :nuts: :lol: But it means a lot :)
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