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Apr 9, 2007
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Appreciates Kwolity, from Dublin, Ireland

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Nov 24, 2017
    1. arktan
      I hope that Stitchler and Zepper get the jobs, that would be öusoum (awesome in swiss-english)... oh, and this guy: - View Profile: Darth Vader

      I use Elixirs too, simply put, they just rule!
    2. arktan
      Well, that would be a time when i would do the happy-dance :icbm:
      A bad time is a time without strings when one breakes and you forgot to buy a spare set (and i'm not talking about underwear :lol: )

      And i see that you're in the bassist's group.... didn't know you played bass :spock:
    3. arktan
      I always try to see things with a healthy dose of humor. Even in bad times :D
    4. arktan
      sorry, i just had to :lol:
    5. arktan
      You have to save your soul. Cheezus is in me and the holy spirit is making me feel so full
    6. arktan
      Why do you hate gawd? Why are you turning your back on him? He loves you and you feel threatened by that. :D
    7. twiztedchild
      I dint know that :lol: thanks I will try to remember from now on.
    8. twiztedchild
      who do I report that spam thread too?
    9. petereanima
      epic fail, indeed - i will lash myself tonight while praying to the dark loooorrrrrdddAH! :lol:

      but i gave him counterweight already. :cool:
    10. petereanima
      oh, and i just saw that i ALSO failed at setting the rep to negative when i "neg"-rep'd him. :wallbash::lol:
    11. petereanima
      yeah, when i checked in this morning and saw it i thought "oh...seems like he forgot to set it on "negative"!" :lol:

      but you know....neg rep from christs is for me like scars from a war for a soldier, show 'em proudly :lol: :lol:

      that was overacted of course, but seriously - i tend to get pretty much very fast pissed on religious discussions, esp. when some catholics join in with the "god loves you, dont hate him!" thing...
    12. twiztedchild
      the neck was, Umm, I dunno. :lol: I never really held a S7. it wasnt to thin I think it had a square edge. I read somewhere that the neck was a "Wide Flat" type neck. I want to say it is kind of like my H-207's neck but not as wide as that. or as think. been awhile since I playe a AX7221 :lol: But for it being a 24.75" scale with only 22 frets and medium Jumbo frets.

      I loved both of mine when I had them. other then the first one which I bought "NEW" from a store in my hometown being shittier then the 2nd one which I bought at a pawn shop :lol: I still loved the guitars though.
      But, I think from seeing one at a guitar center, didnt pick it up. but looked at the neck Iwould say that they are retty close to the sam size.
    13. twiztedchild
      I HAD one. :D But yeah it held up pretty well in A for me. But I never giged with it. I did play it alot I tuned up before I started playing, then it would stay in tune pretty well after that. Also, I didnt have a case for it so thats why I had to tune it alot :lol: I think the lowest you going to want to go with say a 56 would be A. it is a little bit "loose" like the string flaps alot but not to much to annoy you. IMO. you might want to try out a 59 on it though becuz of the shorter scale. I had my H-207 tuned down to a G with a 59 so Im sure the AX7221 would be good with it tuned to A. Maybe the only other thing to watch out for is the Starp buttons one my first AX fell out I had to use wood epoxy stuff to fix it. and the tunings IF you wanteed to would be good to change. the Pick ups to me didnt sound that bad either but that will be up to you.
    14. FlyingBanana
      That's ok ZERO. I'm ok with it. It'll be a huge struggle for me to move on from here and find the will to survive you not being my friend......not. :shred:
    15. FlyingBanana
      I'm far from perfect and not without sin or blame, but I fear for all of us on judgement day, when the Lord comes to claim the believers. I just pray that I am one of those chosen.
    16. FlyingBanana
      Excuse me? I haven't got any issues. My life is peaceful and I try to treat others fairly and with kindness, unlike you, Mr Hostility. If you don't like me then quit responding. Obviously, I have struck a sensitive nerve in you...or maybe you feel a tinge of guilt at your carefree, Godless lifestyle.

      What...have an emptiness inside do you? Metal guitar won't fill it.

      God can help.
    17. FlyingBanana
      Yeah, well I'm not here for glory and kudos from immature teenagers like yourself who haven't even experienced life yet.

      Really dude. Now go run along and play.
    18. FlyingBanana
      Nah, all it means is that I said something that made you think and what I said is too difficult for you to swallow...because you know there's truth to it, so then you retaliate and justify it by using the "I offended you," tactic.

      Woopty doo.
    19. Zepp88
    20. Zepp88
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    Well, I'm Irish... And I also live in the part of Dublin that is normally on fire...