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Appreciates Kwolity, from Dublin, Ireland

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    1. AySay
      The word "Kwolity" makes me laugh EVERY time I see one of your posts. :lol:
    2. Randy
    3. Randy
    4. Randy

      Well, the big thing that helped the price was that it was made in India and Trinidad has a pretty common trade pattern with them. So, they probably didn't pay the ridiculous fees we would to import something like that.

      The one I got was a middle of the road (although particularly ornate) model, so if I were to compare it to a guitar, it'd be like a S7320 or something of that sort. Designed for somebody who knows what they're doing, and is planning on playing with it. For ~$500 USD they had the top tier of production sitars, which are equally functional but lean more toward show pieces.

      It's crazy getting into it, though. There's all kinds of stuff about alternate tunings and bigger or smaller string gauges and stuff. For the price, I would and will seriously consider buying another if this works out. :yesway:
    5. Randy
      My mom picked up the sitar at an East Indian store somewhere in Trinidad, for 1990 TT which is roughly $350 USD and I believe the case was about $50. :D

      Definitely a lot cheaper than I was expecting.
    6. Randy
    7. Daemoniac
      :lol: Good read, that said though, i'd still like to see some NFL players put into a rugby game without their padding ;) Best line in that though; "Rugby is a contact sport, NFL is a collision sport". Very true.
    8. Daemoniac
      American Football huh? Put em up against some burly Rugby players without their precious armour and see how they fare :evil::lol:
    9. Drage
    10. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      big boy ting!

      (I have no idea what this means, but someone said it to me on facebook the other day and I assume it is positive, so I'm now going to use it every opportunity I get)

      you should be asleep this time of the day :nono:

      wait... so should I :lol:
    11. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      thanks, Ruarc.

      it just occured to me that we are not officially pals, so I befriended thee :)
    12. Groff

    13. WhitechapelCS
      hahaha, Idunno. Internetz speak?

      Thanks for the rep though. Heres some back.
    14. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      maybe someone is posing as me? o_O

      :lol: nah I'm kidding it was me, I dunno man, I must rep enough people in between I guess :scratch:
    15. distressed_romeo
      That's the illustration of Nyarlathotep from John Coulthart's book of HP Lovecraft-inspired stuff! Highly recommended!

      I'm in the same boat...I'd love to design an army, order the whole lot, and devote a few weekends to painting it, but it's just way too expensive these days, and I don't really have the space in my flat.:(
      Back in the day, I started off with Tyranids (never really played them much though) and Dark Angels, and later graduated to Dark Eldar and Chaos (Alpha Legion).:)
    16. distressed_romeo
      Your profile pic is fantastic!:lol: Damn, I miss my 40k days...
    17. liamh
      Cheers for the counter-rep
    18. Jason
      :shrug: It was an ass comment. No different then how I always have been.
    19. Daemoniac
      So how does one put a background into the profile page?
    20. Daemoniac
      Yeah i think that would work well for apocalypse games. It gives them some chaos blessings, some nice firepowr, and some extra attacks for close combat. I mean, yeah, they only have a 6+ armor save, but hey, there are 20 of them per unit :D Theres very VERY little chance that they'll die in one, or even 2 turns.
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