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  • :lol:

    I wouldn't worry, unless you try asking a simple question over on "Metal Guitars". :rofl:

    I also was quite amused that they basically referred to me as S7eve's lackey.
    from the thread, "As far as the staining goes, I used jet black Behlen solar-lux stain. Its an ethanol based liquid, and doesn't raise the grain. 1 coat then sanded, then another coat and sanded. Then I used purple water soluble dye from reranch(the powder stuff). I again used 2 coats, sanding in between.

    For the finish I used Minwax wipe on poly satin clear finish. like 20 or so coats of that in total. (about the 4th coat in, i thought you had to sand with like 220 grit, and i sanded through, had to restain a spot or 2, and start over with the poly.)"

    Links for the stains
    Purple - they also have an alcohol based stain, which i haven't tried yet, but would produce similar results i assume.
    Wood Dye, Water Soulable

    Jet Black.
    Solar-Lux NGR Stains - Pigmented Wood Stains - Aniline Stains
    Did you try backing the stud out a bit? As in raising the trem post. Too much compression can cause the locking screw to cease.

    Spray a little (and I do mean a little) WD-40 in the stud and wait a couple minutes. See if that frees it up. Though, be sure not to force it, breaking the threads on that little worm screw are a bitch.

    If that doesn't work, you're going to have to remove the trem post, and unscrew the locking screw "manually".
    Yeah, those RG3120's are some of the cream of the crop of the older RGs. I had one a few years back before I went to 7s exclusively.
    You're very welcome man.

    Like I said, I'm more than happy to help a fellow guitarist, especially an SSO member with an Ibby. :)
    Yeah, the older Japanese made Ibanez guitars use a 7 or 8 mm box wrench instead of an Allen Wrench to adjust the truss rod.

    They look like this:
    Woah, whatever you do don't force the studs!!!!!!!

    The posts on most Lo-Pro equipped guitars have a tiny set screw that locks the post in place. If you try and force the post down, without unscrewing the locking screw first, you can permanently damage the posts.


    Those should explain it, as well as show you how to adjust it. You just need to use a small Allen Key to unsrew and loosen them.

    Also, this is the proper angle the trem should be sitting at.

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