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  • Happy it worked man!

    Sorry I didn't think of it earlier on. You know what they say about the simplest solutions........
    It could be that the treble side stud has started to "lift" out of it's hole. If it has, it's as easy as hitting it with a rubber mallet to get it back in place.
    Your guitar may need a shim in the neck, if the trem is hitting the bushing.

    I'd really need some pictures to diagnose it though.
    I mean, quantitatively, how low is it in the route? Is the baseplate level with the top of the guitar? That kind of measurement.
    What's the lowest your trem can go before the knife edge slips?

    Sorry for all these questions, it's just REALLY hard to troubleshoot stuff like this blind. :)
    The knife edge should be sitting in the divot of the stud (the valley the knife edge sits in).

    As for the edges, as you can see here, the treble side should be curved, while the bass side should be straight.

    Do you have a picture of the trem slipping out of the divot?

    Typically, it's caused by the trem having a severe negative set-up angle.
    There is no real "spring formula", and since the claw is quite adjustable, you really should be fine with either two or three springs in nearly any pattern, those .009 are fairly light so compensating for their tension isn't difficult.

    It's really a matter of feel to be quite honest. Start out trying the two spring "\/" shape, then go to the three spring shapes "lll" and "\l/". You'll notice each spring pattern will require adjusting of the spring claw screws (of course). It'll also effect the movement and "bounce" of the trem.

    Play around and experiment, changing springs is easy as pie.
    Yeah, I read the Roter thread. Honestly, I'm not incredibly surprised given the hiccups that these guitars have faced.
    Yeah, someone posted one of Huf's guitars in the "Horrible Guitarland" thread (funny enough, it was started by Huf :lol:) and then some guy, Guinness, supposedly from Liverpool said he bought the guitar and that it was amazing, etc. Well, according to S7eve he had a Swiss Com IP, thus couldn't be from Liverpool. He also questioned the fellows odd accent which was very similar to Huf.

    Was it Huf? We'll never know. He's not the only fella in all of Switzerland. :lol:
    I thought about things to do, some real thorn in the side shit. Between work, personal, etc. I have several e-mails, I could easily make a few accounts over on "Metal Guitars", and just post all kinds of hilarity, but it would be childish.

    Besides, I'm kinda over the initial "WTF", so I think I'm going to be the bigger man and watch them go down in blazing "glory" all on their own.
    I give their puny little forum a week before they shut it down (again), and make up another one. :lol:

    As much fun as that would be, I'd rather make them look like idiots with links to their own site.

    They apparently took down the link in my sig, what a shame, it was quite funny. I should have saved a screen shot. I wonder if S7eve........
    Hey, that's what extendedrangeguitars.org was, so I don't see why this would be any different. :lol:
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