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    My white whale: the SR7viiSC!

    Wow, never seen one in the uk at all, there’s so little about these so I always thought they were one of namm prototype unicorns, would love to see/hear a video about this bass
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    Should i bought a bass or just program it?

    I think if you wanted to something more than rather “basic” (you know more than just finger/pick like harmonics etc) bass then I’d get a real bass however if you already tab your songs then programmed might be the fastest route in the long run, especially how good virtual bass in particular is...
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    Soulfly fire Marc Rizzo and hire Dino Cazares

    Not gonna lie this sounds pretty good to me
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    Opinions on tribute bands

    oh that’s cool and yeah makes a good point in replicating a band that can’t really be seen anymore/extremely rarely is a good point, the uk doesn’t get a crazy amount of tours from international (even before the pandemic)
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    Opinions on tribute bands

    completely agree, that’s why I’m wondering if it’s just a pipe dream that it’s just too much hassle rather than fun, and doing vh or a more “safe” option just doesn’t appeal to me as it’s just not something I’m drawn too my safest might be Metallica lol
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    Opinions on tribute bands

    yeah totally get where you’re coming from, think I just wanna get out and jam with people without pressure of writing (can’t be dealing with egos etc) in regards to tribute bands, I was thinking potentially slipknot which I do love but is it a little niche and trying to 8 other guys on the same...
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    Opinions on tribute bands

    So maybe it’s one of those things with getting older but I’ve had the strange and sudden urge to want to start a tribute band not really sure what band to be a tribute for but just wanting to know people’s opinion on tribute bands or any advice from people that do/have done tribute bands
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    FS UK Ibanez RG8PB Sapphire blue

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG8PBB sapphire blue This guitar plays great, no real use, never gigged, just lived in studio, can Provide hard shell case. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): hard case Location (City,State or City,Country)...
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    NAD! OMEGA Granophyre

    Super cool, what’s the inside like if you can see it at all I’ve just got vst version so I’m super jealous of the real thing
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    Building extended range from 6 string template question

    So I finally got round to doing something about this and I made a jpeg of the arrow body as an 8 string, dunno if this has uploaded a full scale version but yeah, what do people think, I kind of dig it
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    Is bandcamp worth doing?

    So I’m thinking of releasing a chilled lofi ep I’ve been working on and just wondering if bandcamp is worth doing if I was to do it I’d do pay what you want but just wanted to know what people think of bandcamp or is there a better way?? thanks
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    New track - relaxing lofi stuff

    Thanks very much, and yeah I think it’s a bit fiercer than I planned feel free to have a play pal, send me a link when you’re done =)
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    Your Covid-19 Music

    Posted the other day on a separate thread but I made this during lockdown:
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    New track - relaxing lofi stuff

    Been a while since I posted anything and longer since I posted track, wrote something today enjoy and relax in isolation stay safe and wash your hands
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    Building extended range from 6 string template question

    Thanks for both inputs, I think a mix would be best, I’m think your idea of doing the template and doing tape border to expand the shape would be a good idea I’ve looked at the RR24 shape and I’ve looked at the esp Sv, does anyone if the sv is much bigger? found this template...