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    Is anyone else just...blah...burnt out with guitar?

    This is such a great thread and definitely reassuring on a lot of levels My drive to play is definitely in a lower place but what actually helped me a little recently was seeing a Facebook story of a old friend performing with Exist Immortal and another playing some Thall stuff he’s writing, is...
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    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    Hot take 2: metal has become too polished and safe sounding Hot take 3: if you’re on Instagram doing a “guitar play through” with neon lights and fake plants behind your MacBook and “studio desk”……..I already know what you’re going to sound like……..
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    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    Hot take: all doom bands are just knock off black sabbaths with No originality
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    At the Gates fires Jonas Stalhammar

    That’s very true, I’m just going off what we know/seen, since we’re not 100% on the country I couldn’t say that it’s a crime but we can he’s a really cringey/creepy guy that probably should be avoided
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    At the Gates fires Jonas Stalhammar

    It’s a weird one, I feel this is very similar to David ellefson thing with megadeth, at the gates probably wanna avoid any potential issues this guy might cause in the long run so it’s easier for them to disassociate themselves now rather than later
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    New Slipknot track - The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

    I don’t mind this song at all, its a grower but It’s definitely not up there for me I think everything sounds like a little too “perfect” if that makes sense, it’s a very clean mix where you can pick out everything individually but nothing sounds gritty at all and think that makes it lose a...
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    Post your demos HERE! 😊

    Here’s the latest thing I’ve done
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    Metal gear rising done in the style of fear factory

    I love the soundtrack too and thanks for checking it out I totally get where you’re coming from with the leads and the singing, I’m just not much of a lead player and since I was doing all new instrumentation on it it felt like I’d be being cheap keeping the solo/leads that I didn’t...
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    Metal gear rising done in the style of fear factory

    So I finally uploaded this after a long time, Done a reinterpretation of “it has to be this way” Tried to do something in the style of fear factory but I don’t have that right hand lol But yeah, for those that care I used fortin Cali and parallax with slate drums Thanks for checking it out...
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    My white whale: the SR7viiSC!

    Wow, never seen one in the uk at all, there’s so little about these so I always thought they were one of namm prototype unicorns, would love to see/hear a video about this bass
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    Should i bought a bass or just program it?

    I think if you wanted to something more than rather “basic” (you know more than just finger/pick like harmonics etc) bass then I’d get a real bass however if you already tab your songs then programmed might be the fastest route in the long run, especially how good virtual bass in particular is...
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    Soulfly fire Marc Rizzo and hire Dino Cazares

    Not gonna lie this sounds pretty good to me
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    Opinions on tribute bands

    oh that’s cool and yeah makes a good point in replicating a band that can’t really be seen anymore/extremely rarely is a good point, the uk doesn’t get a crazy amount of tours from international (even before the pandemic)
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    Opinions on tribute bands

    completely agree, that’s why I’m wondering if it’s just a pipe dream that it’s just too much hassle rather than fun, and doing vh or a more “safe” option just doesn’t appeal to me as it’s just not something I’m drawn too my safest might be Metallica lol
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    Opinions on tribute bands

    yeah totally get where you’re coming from, think I just wanna get out and jam with people without pressure of writing (can’t be dealing with egos etc) in regards to tribute bands, I was thinking potentially slipknot which I do love but is it a little niche and trying to 8 other guys on the same...

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