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    2023 Jeff Hanneman. Just what Ive been looking for!!!!

    Had the ESP model, but sold it as it was too precious to ever play. Now I have the LTD version, which gets played constantly
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    2023 Jeff Hanneman. Just what Ive been looking for!!!!

    I don't think that's fair - the UK ESP dealer told me that this was originally going to be the next sig model JH before he died, replacing the weird EC one and the H Dagger, and that his wife is getting a percentage as per the original agreement. Either way, this is a subtle tribute to one of...
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    New Hetfield Snakebyte sig???

    I really like the V - doesn't look like camo, looks more like some kind of Marble graphic (like the stone I mean)
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    Gibson now allowing shares in guitars?

    Anyone seen this? Gibson redefines guitars as investments with new Rally partnership | Guitar World I cannot see why anyone would 'invest' in an instrument which they'll never touch or play, which will most likely never be sold, and has a time limit on its value (particularly the Jones one)
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    Jerry Cantrell Gibson Custom Shop Ltd run "Wino" Les Paul Custom

    Oh you're absolutely right - but I don't buy any of those either! :) It's not a not for profit thing - but Gibson have an image that seems to be more profiteering than most (rightly or wrongly). I don't know any other company that makes as many stratospherically expensive models which don't...
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    Jerry Cantrell Gibson Custom Shop Ltd run "Wino" Les Paul Custom

    The main reason I wouldn't pay $10k for this, other than JC will always be a rampage player in my mind, is there is nothing to really distinguish this from any other Les Paul. I mean, any wine red or oxblood LPC gets you 99% of the way for 1/3 or less of the price. I get the whole investment...
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    Ibanez AZES

    I think they've played a bit of a blinder here - this looks to be a superb beginners guitar - the AANJ and the switching system from the AZ line gives it something different from other guitars in the same price range. If they can maintain a solid QC these should sell like hotcakes. And there...
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    Gibson Iommi SG Special

    Last time I looked the wait time was about 3 - 4 months from ordering so not too bad. You're right about availability of the Gibsons though
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    Gibson Iommi SG Special

    That price is insane though. For pretty much the same price in the UK (slightly more if you're in the US) you can get Jaydee to build you one that's an exact replica, and is also built by the man who built Tommys. $2400 for an SG special with P90s is ridiculous.
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    NGD ESP Truckster Signature Series

    I don't think it does anything - was it not just there to suggest the 'original owner' hadn't liked the position and moved it?
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    What screams "cheap" to you?

    You're not wrong, but they do look cheap!
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    N(old)GD Ibanez S540... But which one??

    I have the same guitar. Excellent score!
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    What screams "cheap" to you?

    The only thing that always makes me think super cheap is the overuse of Abalone. It can look good as dots / diamonds, but anything more than that anywhere just screams 'trying not to look cheap when cheap' to me. Especially BCR and Schecter, and the old LTD1000 series. Just awful.
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    Kid's Guitars?

    My 8 year old has the mini Paul Gilbert model and it's a great (genuine) instrument. I sometimes play it myself. She's just pissed she has the green one as the blue / hot pink one hadn't come out when she got it
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    Aria Pro ii guitars

    I have an Urchin - 3rd one I've owned, as I've always loved the weird shape. Solid player too