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  • you should be able to have ftp-access to all the files that are stored on your space. Mostly the hosts offer a menu point like "File administration" or "Manage files" or something like that in their Backend where you cn access the files at your hosted space.
    It's not that tragic, i'll install a copy for myself anyway this night and i'll try to fix that. I'll share the results with you off course. But before i install it you could tell me if your host server runs on linux or (god beware) on windows server :ugh: :ugh: :ugh:
    just so that we have the same circumstances
    Dude, can you tell me the values of post_max_size and max_execution_time in your php.ini
    okay, i've got the import script and now i have to compare it with your sql dump...
    If we're lucky i'll find the error soon because mostly the changes aren't that big after updates (mostly there's missing an empty string or something's renamed)
    ah okay, guess the community will have to fix it :D
    This would also be a great opportunity for me to start my own blog where i can put mah shitz in t3h 1nterwebz :lol:
    PM'd you my private Mail-address
    okay, i've seen it.
    I can take a look at it this night (in about 8-9 hours). It would be helpful if you could send me the errors you received (if you received any) and a sql-dump of yours (ONLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE SENSITIVE DATA IN IT, especially if it contains your pervert fantasies, i don't want any responsibility :lol: )

    If you don't want/can't send me an sql dump i'll install a copy for myself and take a look at it. That B2 thing is open source, right?
    Isn't there any dev-team around? It seems like those assholes let the community in the dry...
    Thread? I guess it's in the PC-section of this forum? I'll search for your latest started threads...
    PHP, SQL, JAVA and C++ are the things that bring the food on my table at the moment.
    I'm an IT-Supporter who works also on our company's websites when there are no idiots who destroy our IT-infrastructure
    I'm doing exactly that as my job :lol:
    Guess what? I'm looking for something different :lol:
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