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  • One cannot simply telnet into Mordor! (You need SSH2 with public key authentication)

    you should write a blues about that!

    But on a serious note: Good luck with your new job!
    380 MB

    and it's awesome. I'm addicted to it already. It's kind of like Age of Pirates but with medieval armies instead of ships. The combat is done very well and the modding community is great. I just don't know how i stumbled upon this...

    This guy summed it up very well Dubious Quality: Mount & Blade

    but there are also some more critic reviews out there

    This is a cool game! There's no demo but you can download the whole game andplay it. The only downside is that your character won't level up any higher than level 7 if you don't buy the game. But untill then you can charge your horse into battle :hungus:
    Yeah, it's a lovely city but it's pretty densely populated. That's what i love so much about North America. There is enough space to breathe and much less humans per square kilometer than here in Europe.... you know, i don't like humans, especially when there's a lot of them :squint:

    The only downside is that i have to travel 20 minutes by train every morning to get to Zürich but who gives a crap? :D
    This pic is not from me but it's Baden

    Nothing special. I'm sitting at work now and afterwardsi'm going to go to my new home and put my furniture toghether :D
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