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  • aye tis epic indeed
    and It allways brings the evil smile out of me when I here
    YouTube - Finntroll - Jingle Bells
    I have to say
    I did not know I could spank that fast
    hahah that is the most silly game I have ever played!!! HAHA it made me laugh so hard

    I like to keep to myself and stay in my room at hollidays
    I am like the black Sheep
    I love VADER!
    I am into the rythyms
    and technical rythyms
    you know I have to say I am starting to get anoyed with the whole freaking Happy this merry this
    and bla bla bla
    I want to have peace and quiet!
    I just scored 365 on spanking the monkey that is some funny shit game
    and the hair looks good! dont cut it
    or I will find you and glue it back on!
    Yeah dude. I really want to look into how far you can actually get, and if there is any way you could actually visit most of the place with protection. Im not sure how likely it is, but even with an armed guard i just reckon it would be crazy. If it were possible for just the average schmo to get it with a reasonable opportunity, id grab me a gas mask and go nuts taking some seriously disturbing scenic photos...

    Beautiful place though. One day i'll get in :)
    Haha, fair call :D

    That blows, i just want to go in and see everything... Aside from the "id become radioactive man" thing, id love to see inside the reactor itself......
    Yeah i kinda figured, there has to be some people there to look after the checkpoints/have a look at whats going on.

    You get the general point tho :D its basically a ghost town. I just want to go on a bike like that, but with a radiation suit, a gas mask, and more petrol, so i can randomly go fucking everywhere... *drools*
    Little known fact: Drop bears are from Mars. Drop bears shipped you your cloak, and drop bears installed the tracking device in it :D
    The battle for Ministeerith, complete with Mudkipz and Pedo Bear. Goddamnit I want it now.
    Mordor is not to be tampered with. Mix Mordor and Anon, and all I can see happening is furious ork porn.
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