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  • awesome dude, well i put a quick video up for now, but still gonna cover some Periphery in the next few days
    haha i think your msn must be broken man, cus ive never once seen you online, unless ive completely missed you
    Good going on the trance track, man. I'm not usually a big fan of this style, but I really dig it.

    We Scots have the best avatars. ;)
    I'm feeling great. Nice tones and paintings and girls and...stuff. You know. Art'n'shit. How about you?
    Cool Music ....had a listen on your myspace ! sounds very good ......and you have only been playing four years you say ????

    That sucks whats up with that? I figured the UK would air the grand slams... hmm guess I was wrong.
    I've never been to one I would like to see the french open and watch nadal dominate the clay court I'd go to wimbeldon also. Hell I'll pay just to go to the US open and watch nadal kick ass.
    I agree with you all the way they probably were tired I would like to see nadal play in person have you ever been to a tennis match?
    Haha he sure did I think he'll do just as good nadals my overall favorite. For the women maria sharapova but she sucks I dont know whats going on. Who's your favorite tennis players?
    Yeah it's cool that they're friends off court did you see the french open nadal destroyed federer. I wonder how well nadal will do at the US open what do you think?
    Dude that thread you posted about nadal was great to be honest I really did'nt expect anyone to post on the tennis match. Are you a huge tennis fan or do you like other sports?
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