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Oct 26, 2021 at 5:35 PM
    1. OmegaSlayer
      Dagli una buona ascoltata agli Orden Ogan perchè meritano, specie l'album "To The End", questo nuovo "Ravenhead" è molto buono ma più lineare e meno ricco. :)
      E se non li conosci anche i Persuader potrebbero piacerti, "Evolution Purgatory" per me è una gemma di rara bellezza. ;)
    2. OmegaSlayer
      Ma si figuri dottore, è un piacere :)
    3. OmegaSlayer
      Magari l'hai già visto ;)
      BLIND GUARDIAN: "Beyond The Red Mirror" traccia per traccia! |
    4. chassless
      it will help just fine ! with the tonewoods at least :lol:
    5. chassless
      thank you very much ! and now, time for google translate ...
    6. chassless
    7. User Name
      User Name
      hey man! i know you are a schecter junky so i figured you were one of the best people to talk to about this.

      i have my agile pendulum up for sale and i got a trade offer for a nice limited edition neon green hellraiser c-8. not sure what this thing is really worth or if it is a good trade. do you have any take on this? the guy said he purchased it earlier this eyar from drumcity guitar land and i know they come first when it comes to selling awesome schecters so im starting to think this is a pretty sweet guitar. i could send pics if you would like.

      thanks :)
    8. Spaced Out Ace
      Spaced Out Ace
      Sorry, this is a late reply and all that. The Black Ice play similar to a Pitch Black Jazz III, but the Black Ice is kinda slippery on the strings, so it's faster possibly; it doesn't drag on the string. That said, it might take a little while to get used to which may or may not be worth your while. The Pitch Black Jazz III are better, in my opinion, as they are more controllable pick, but if you have a collection of picks similar to Jazz III's like I do, then the Black Ice is definitely worth picking up at least a dozen, though I suggest a dozen in both the 1.14 and 1.4 or so variety.

      To elaborate on the slippery nature of the Black Ice, it's aptly named as it's sorta like sliding around on ice, but you shouldn't have much of a problem holding it if you can hold a tortex without it flying outta your hand.
    9. Church2224
      I am liking your GAS list good sir, some awesome stuff on it
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