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  • Привет, я из России. Как дела? Ты сейчас играешь на рг2228? Я когдато видел на каком то русском форуме как чувак стачивал нижний рог на 2228. по ходу это был ты? я здесь ещё увидел что ты полностью краску снимал? а что дальше? так и оставил голое дерево? и на что ты поменял ежи707? кстати я собираюсь брать Agile интерсептор про 828 белый. что думаешь?
    The 2127? We've been using her on the recordings extensively. I love her, especially the Piezo and you have a very good taste in pickups, by the way ;)
    I didn't change a thing on the guitar except of the action, the climate is a bit different here so i had to adjust it.

    I'm fine at the moment, thank you for asking. You know, i was organizing my documents and found the pic you sent me for my birthday and then i thought i'd write you since i haven't been much online lately.

    So how's it going with your gear? Do you need any help regarding that?
    I really want to try an 8 still... I haven't got around to it yet, but the tuning possibilities are awesome.
    yeah i didnt see the thread was 2+ years old. and i was just kidding about the respect part.
    im going back to college to get a degree in art, starting next week. also i have a rg body ordered for my ibanez baritone neck.
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