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Oct 4, 2021
Jul 29, 2007
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Jul 18, 1978 (Age: 43)
S. Florida
retail management

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Turd Ferguson, 43, from S. Florida

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Oct 4, 2021
    1. HighGain510
      Did you ever end up moving that Jackson PC-1 you had a while back? Also I was curious, what ever happened to Sparkles? :lol:
    2. Chuck
      Yeah, exactly. Last time I checked they fit length and width wise but they are way too tall.
    3. Chuck
      Sweet thanks man. I would like to put a Het Set or 57/66 set in one of my RGA's but I really don't want to route out those wooden platforms the pickups sit on. Maybe I'll get a MTM1 and refinish it :p
    4. Chuck
      Hey man I noticed in some thread that you thought that Seymour Duncan's were better suited to RGA's so I was wondering which models you were talking about. I've got a 121 with stock pickups and an incoming 121h with no pickups. Any thoughts?
    5. Dehumanized
      Clearly you're one of the "loverboys" that's butthurt because someone has a different opinion than you, grow up man.
    6. cgraci
      Yo I posted some pics of my 728 agile. Take a look if you still want to
    7. Church2224
      Well I will be looking forward to seeing it!
    8. Church2224
      Which REAL ESP did you get ?

      Sorry had to ask and I did not want to Hijack Matt's thread :lol:
    9. HighGain510
      Bummer about the Morse dude! You know if I wasn't hurting for cash currently I'd be more than happy to take that off your hands! :rofl: Flip-flop finish? Check. Rosewood neck on an EBMM? DOUBLE-CHECK! :wub: I hear ya on the JPXI 7 GAS too bro, I'm pretty short on my list of 7-strings that I still want to try out these days and the JPXI is on it. :lol:
    10. Elijah
      \/ Just sayin lol
    11. Elijah
      My god, I CANNOT get your jp baritone out of my head! If you ever find yourself not really playing it all that much and want to let it go for a Flaxwood, I'm your man ;)
    12. Elijah
      Hey man, I see you've got a couple Steve Morse EBMM models. How do you feel about their tone? They've been catching my eye now for a while, but I'm really picky about my tonewoods and don't know how I feel about poplar. What do you think?
    13. Church2224
      Ok thanks man, I appreciate it. The reason why I ask is I never trust places like Guitar Center, Musician's friend ect. The only store I have looked at is Drum City Guitar Land. I have seen Amazon selling JPs on occasion and I would like to see someone selling Silhuettes. I just looked at Dubaldo music and they have something that has caught my eye, might have to talk to them about it.

      Thanks again!
    14. Church2224
      Hey yellowv, just a quick question. I know you are one of the more known Music Man guys around here. Just want to ask if you buy them new or used, and if you buy them new are there any good Music Man dealers you recommend? Trying to get a JPX and a silhouette
    15. HighGain510
      There's still time! :rofl: I've had a few guys kicking the tires clean off this baby but it's not sold yet. :lol: :(
    16. WFD
      i was talking about this
      "I love both sets. I would have to agree that the D-Sonic is a more aggressive then the CL and I prefer it a bit over the CL. Also the LF is a bit smoother and more fluid to the AN. I prefer the LF. That being said the AN is still one of my favorite neck pickups. Honestly I think you would be happy with either set. I am a notorious pickup swapper and I have 2 JP BFR's. One has the CL/LF and the other DS/AN I have no desire to swap either."
      i would like to hear a clip comparing the air norton and the liquifire both in neck position with full distortion and without backing track.
      q: )
      if possible of course. thansk man.
    17. WFD
      i thought yuo have some dimarzios on your 7 guitars
    18. WFD
      fucking hails man
      how are yah?
      i heard your post about the dimarzio pickups on your 7s air norton adn etc.. do you have sound and audio clips fo them?
      i recently bought a D activator/air norton set and im still installing
      fucking hails and thanks in advance
    19. nojyeloot
      Thanks again bro.
    20. Rook
      Weird, I was literally just about to send you a friend request :lol:
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    Jul 18, 1978 (Age: 43)
    S. Florida
    retail management
    Primary Seven:
    Main Rig:
    5150 -> Legacy Cab
    Real Name:
    Primary ERG:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Other Guitars:
    EBMM JP6 BFR Baritone
    PRS Custom 22 10 top/
    Warmoth Fr00tcaster/
    PRS SE Custom 24 25th Anniversary/
    Jackson Professional Dinky Reverse/
    Fender Stratocaster/
    Fender Tele/
    Agile AL-2500 "Albino"/
    OLP Petrucci modded/
    Floyd Rose Discovery/
    Epiphone Acoustic
    Peavey 5150/
    Effects & Pedals:
    Bodenhamer Bloody Murder modded SD-1/
    Bodenhamer Behemoth modded DS-1/
    ISP Decimator/
    Morley Tremonti Wah
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Carvin Legacy C412 > V30's
    yo mama

    guitars, cars, guns, sports