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Sep 22, 2016
    1. TTWC Ben
      TTWC Ben

      Ignore my last question...

      I have since set up the hd500x with my engl invader. I have set my patches up and the MIDI control of the channels works fine too.

      One thing I have noticed is the volume level of my rig with the pod in 4CM is much quieter than if i went straight into the front of my rig. Did you encounter this problem?
    2. TTWC Ben
      TTWC Ben
      Hi Dude,

      I was scrolling through an oldish post and saw that you have an Invader and a HD500x!

      I have just bought the 500x and am yet to try and set it up with my invader...
      Did you manage to set it up as a midi controller for the invader? so you could hit a preset and it would change your channel on the amp too?
    3. mountainjam
      oh and dude, why don't you come jam with me and ray? its seems like we are all on the same page musically, another guitar play would be sick.
    4. mountainjam
      Fretboard Inlay: None
      Fretboard Radius 18”
      Frets -Total Frets: 27
      Scale Length: 25 1/2
      Headstock Binding: None
      Neck Binding: White
      Body Binding: None
      Pickups: Dimarzio: Crunch Lab Bridge & Liquid Fire
      Tuners: Grover Mini Locking Tuners
      Hardware Color: Black
      Control Configuration: 1 volume and 1 three way toggle pickup selector
      Strap Pin/Buttons: Dunlop 2 way strap Button
      String Gauge: 10 - 59
      Tuning: Standard
    5. mountainjam
      this is what they sent me. i think its just a basic hardware package. and yeah, I much prefer the oiled neck, but I didnt feeling like waiting on a full custom, so the gloss will work for now.
      Body Shape: Jekyll 727
      Strings: 7
      Headstock Style: Pointe Reverse
      Top: Quilted Top 1/4inch Thick
      Head Sock Plate: Quilted
      Color/Finish: Multi Burst
      Neck Construction: Neck Thru
      Neck Material Wood Selection: Mahogany
      Body Wings Wood Selection: Mahogany
      Bridge Type: TonePro’s Locking Bridge
      Nut Type: Real Bone Nut hand made by Jr.
      Nut Width: 48mm 1 7/8
      Pickup Routes: 2 - will reroute 2nd for neck pickup
      Fretboard: Ebony
    6. mountainjam
      dude...I should have never played your guitar. I pulled the trigger on this today.[IMG]
    7. mountainjam
      yeah todd specializes in 5ths tuned hybrid guitars. but he can do 6/7/8 string guitars in standard tuning. he hasnt started building my guitar yet, but there is a chance I might change my mind and go for the 5ths tuned 6 string because it has the range of an 8 string.
    8. mountainjam
      Home TK instruments
      Got an 8 string coming
    9. mountainjam
      I've only been waiting a few months so far for my custom, but I feel your pain dude. Hope you get it soon!
    10. mountainjam
      Hey not much, I was just really surprised to see another local member. And ray's been telling me about your custom guitar. I figured it was you. So when is that axe gonna be done?
    11. yacker
    12. mountainjam
      hey dude, i'm gonna take a guess here, but aren't you rays friend?
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    Salem, Va
    Primary Seven:
    LTD H-307
    Main Rig:
    Invader 100
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Esp H-307, Ibanez RG 7321
    Other Guitars:
    Esp H-250, Alvarez AD60CKU, Dean Exotica FM
    Invader 100
    Effects & Pedals:
    TC Electronic G-major
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Carvin 4x12, Yamaha PA speakers, Event Monitors
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Focusrite saffire 26io
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Hammered Dulcimer
    I like minivans

    Astronomy, music