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  • Hello I've been searching the internet for the walden baritone guitar, if you still haven't sold it I am very very interested in purchasing it. I'll out bid the previous buyer.
    Hello, I know it looks like it has been a while, but if you still have that Walden Bari I would like to talk to you about it and buy it. Kind of a shot in the dark at this point based on the dates I see, but you never know unless you ask.
    Would you be interested in an RR1T Custom Shop in Ice Blue? Full documentation including hang tag and cert. It has a small paint chip on the pointy bit of the longest wing. Only issue with it.
    Hi xzacx:
    I'm very interested in this soldano amp,
    But i live in China。can you ship it by USPS Express to China?
    i use ebay paypal or reverb for pay it。

    Look forward to your favourable reply and forgive my poor English
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