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  • It's not too big at all, in fact it's only a fraction of an inch bigger than an HTC EVO or Inspire, and just a smidgen bigger than a Samsung Galaxy S. The phone is so thin it more than makes up for the extra height and width, it's even thinner than an iPhone4. The call quality is great! It's easily the best sounding phone I've ever owned, regardless of it being a cellphone. It has two built in noise-cancelling speakers so you can even hear the person on the other end clearly in a very noisy room. The built in memory is adequate, but cheaply and easily upgraded to over 32GB with an off the shelf MicroSD card. It's still rocking Android 2.2, but the Samsung Touchwiz skin more than makes up for it. Battery life is pretty solid as well. I get through a whole 8 to 10 hour day of messaging, internet, music, and of course phone calls.

    Best phone out there in my opinion.
    I think those strings are .010-.54 Kerly Sinisters med....I think. I have strings laying around that I don't even remember buying.
    You are getting a nice guitar man. Its in alot better shape than most of the RG 7420s that are around. Thanks:hbang:

    btw, if you want to upgrade p'ups, I had a Painkiller in it when I gigged it and it was an absolute tone monster.
    mods said it was just some idiot. just didnt want it to get in the way of me buying & selling guitars on this site - im gonna leave ya pos rep to offset it - peace
    i see you got a neg rep and nasty little note from "the quote everyone should read" thread. me too :lol:

    do you know how we could find out who did it? i want to give a little neg rep myself.
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