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    Dream Theater are lip syncing now?

    My take as a huge Dream Theater fan. They are the top 5 in my favorite bands. I don't care about Petrucci singing unless he lied about it. Alex Lifeson always pretended to sing background vocals in Rush. Don't know if they used backing tracks or whatever. Secondly, is he not singing into a...
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    Jackson and Chris Borderick

    Broderick also made a lot of guys (like myself) want to pick up the 7 String alone. He arguably has the most difficult "Betcha' Can't Play This Video" by Guitar World ever. People still watch it. On this forum his original Ibanez 7 String caused a HUGE STIR. If Ibanez wouldn't have been foolish...
  3. Xiphos68 Carcass?

    So this is an interesting perspective I'm seeing. I'm basically a new CARCASS fan and in the last couple of years I've been listening to them off and on. And I've loved everything I've heard so far as far the new stuff goes. I honestly think it's what Metal has needed, there is more groove and...
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    Opeth - In Cauda Venenum (New Album 2019)

    I bought and enjoy the album. I found some inspiration in it. It's awesome how much Fredrik got to solo on this album. Funny enough, one of his solos sounds very much like Petrucci with a Wah. I wonder if he used JP's signature wah on that track. Mikael's vocals are stellar and the production...
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    Dream Theater

    Apparently he said in the past three to four years that he had been developing a EB MusicMan 8 string, though there have been no posts or anything regarding it in quite a while, sadly. Then again, he was developing the Majesty forever too. Though I don't particularly care for it. Anyway, new...
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    What media content would like to see from our store? Badaxe Boutique.

    Hey Guys, Hope you all have been well. Yes. I have been to do all things media, promotion for our gear products at our store: Badaxe Boutique in Greensboro, North Carolina. Here is our instagram: Facebook:
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    Michael Romeo just released his first single for his solo album, "Black."

    I'll admit, I didn't expect Romeo to have singing but the singer sounds great and of course Romeo is nothing short of exception. It honestly sounds like a track that should have been on Paradise Lost which I why kind of wish Russell was singing it. :lol: I am loving all the Orchestra parts...
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    Rush is "done" according to Alex Lifeson

    Alex & Geddy I don't believe are. I believe they want to still play quite a bit. Neil on the other hand is in so much pain all the time when he plays. It's very difficult for him to get through shows and I believe he probably wants to spend the rest of the years with his family. But to your...
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    Jeff Loomis leaving schecter?

    Jeff decided to become a free agent. He's still friends with Schecter he said on a Instagram comment. I'm curious to see he'll go with in the end or maybe he'll stay a free agent. It'll either be ESP or Jackson I'd imagine or he might go back to Schecter. Who knows?
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    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    Thank goodness I didn't pre-order this album... Thoroughly disappointed from what I've heard... Not to mention TIME: Part 2 is what we want. There was nothing wrong with Time: Part 1 in terms of production. So I don't get what the problem is from everything he has mentioned.
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    Want to hear a good Metal Song? Listen to this... ADAGIO (Stephan Forte).

    Update: Listened to the whole album tonight and it is quite a solid listen all the way through. Quite a bit of diversity in the metal-realm too for the style. Love it.
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    Want to hear a good Metal Song? Listen to this... ADAGIO (Stephan Forte).

    This song is just so, so, so good. Stephan Forte' produced a new Adagio album featuring new members. The singer is Kelly Carpenter. He was the singer for Rusty Cooley's band, OUTWORLD and he sang on that album. He is quite good and shines in this song. This is how you write a song. I haven't...
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    What the hell going on with DT and "The Astonishing"?

    Man... That sucks. :( He did so, so, so well with The Astonishing show singing I was hoping he'd be able to sing the I&W well. It's just too high honestly because I'd imagine he'd kill it at a lower range or phrase it differently while singing. Better that than blowing your voice. Yes. James...
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    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Man... :lol: You should have seen their rigs (Tube Amps, Cabs, Pedals) before the AxeFx. 3 Noise-Gates? Misha?
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    Best Lead Players of Modern Times

    Cheers mate. :cool: I was severely bummed as well when Aldrich left Whitesnake. I am hoping David decides to do one more album with the band (not like the Purple album). Joel is a gentlemen, very kind every time I've spoken with him or messaged him. Plus he is an incredibly fluid player. You...