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Nov 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2008
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Nov 22, 2019
    1. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah man I sure hope so.
    2. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      just couldnt get the money, someone else bought it. This one really kills me, I've been in love with that particular guitar for a good year or so. Oh well I guess, I'm almost at the point of quitting haha. An artist needs a brush to paint, and I just can't seem to get my brush, y'know?
    3. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      cool cool, man. the blue flametop isn't gonna be mine after all. of course...
    4. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Ah yeah man, do you go to public school or like a catholic school?
    5. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah man im excited to see how it comes out. Nothing really just school and drooling over guitars ill never own haha
    6. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Yeah its a gorgeous guitar, man. oh yeah I have no idea, last I heart rob was gluing all the blanks, I think he had to go somewhere for a weekend or something so he wont start really building for a little while.
    7. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      nah he knows I want it, and am trying to get money plus there doesnt seem to be any other biters
    8. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah me too, but like the other times I'm not gonna hold my breath
    9. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah yeah, man, just gotta get the money together I guess.
    10. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      I guess we'll see, haha. I want that thing so bad dude.
    11. Justin Bailey
    12. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      trying to get that blue flametop one... I'm gonna be severely depressed if I cant get it, I've loved that thing since he first posted it a year or so ago.
    13. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah, but i'll graduate faster, its a trade off i guess
    14. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      nah I only get 6 weeks off for summer
    15. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      You and me both man! Not much, just going to school, thats really about it. How about you?
    16. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah I asked him, but hes not into it. regardless it'll be pretty cool in the end
    17. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      nah no headless
    18. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      nah its juts his personal guitar, itd be awesome if he built me one though
    19. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      I doubt it would get my name anywhere. Its just as simple as he asked for help so I helped him.
    20. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Seems like he'll be starting it within the next week or so. As far as how long it'll take, I don't know, a few weeks maybe? Its nothing fancy.

      No, no royalties or anything.
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