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Nov 22, 2019
    1. GibsonVGuy
      Glass Casket is from Winston Salem, NC. I really dig them.They have some stuff on Youtube.

      Pink Floyd to me will always be great. The album "Animals" has AMAZING lead guitar on it!..what blew my mind even further is that the tuning is DGCFAD..in 1977??
      take care bro...
    2. GibsonVGuy
      Thanks man. I wish you good fortune as well...

      As for musical taste, it really varies. I like anything from Pink Floyd to Blood Red Throne.
      Some other bands include..Testament,MachineHead,Pantera,Corrosion Of Conformity,All Shall Perish, Type O Negative,Cradle of Filth, Fear Factory, Black Sabbath, Tool and quite a few others that I am forgetting. I am on a really big Glass Casket kick right now...I dig them!
    3. GibsonVGuy
      I'd love to get rid of them but I has no monies or insurance...rock on man..!
    4. GibsonVGuy
      I'd rock an Ibanez if I had one. Two of my fretting fingers have sist's on them and I can't bend them like most players can :(

      About any guitar with good pickups will do for me anymore...
    5. srouth1960
      Hey bro, heard you were hitting some really heavy licks.
    6. themike
      Hey man, thats really depends on what you like. The older discs are more chaotic but the newer stuff is a little more paletable with some edge. I honestly don't think theres any BAD CDs so yeah.
    7. GibsonVGuy
      Thanks man...I dig the V's. The Gothic is beat up and is dire need of a set up to. I am waiting to swap in a Bk Nailbomb. If I mention that I like Gibson's on HC, I feel like I am going to get a tomato flung at me..lol. I like all kinds of guitars to be honest..
      Rock on!
    8. sibanez29
      I like the fact that you are not afraid to show your love for God! Don't ever stop!
    9. ShadyDavey
      Hey amigo.

      No better, no worse I guess......life is strange, peculiar and beyond my meagre ability to make any sense of whatsoever....

      How are you ? :)
    10. Randy
    11. Randy
      Yeah, it's awesome. I like the black and white with just the shirt logo in color.
    12. Randy
      New avatar is cool.
    13. PyramidSmasher
      Deleted for the sake of our convo last night about picture sharing on FB.
    14. PyramidSmasher
      you look like I did when I had the same length hair.
    15. ShadyDavey
      Aye, Chris Poland has digital issues - his however, is his first finger and he's a brilliant player,one of my favourite in fact :)
    16. ShadyDavey
      I'd love to move - sadly I have a terminal lack of available cash so that option doesn't really exist...

      Pinky has a problem connected to chronic muscle damage so sadly, rehabilitation only goes so far......it's better than it was but not particularly usable.

      Life eh, problems...problems.....problems....:lol:
    17. ShadyDavey
      I think the knowledge in my head could use some work, but I know a fair amount of theory....sadly I just can't motivate myself to practice and the environment here means I don't see anyone at all, let alone people I can liaise with musically for inspiration. Fred's been as supportive as he can be but he doesn't need to hear about my problems when he's got plenty of his own and he's in Portugal so meh, no lessons or jamming there sadly.

      Injuries are awfully hard work to deal with for me - my pinky is pretty wrecked through injuries but that happened after my time at GIT, and after I stopped playing....coming back to guitar recently I simply can't play a lot of the lines or even chords I used to and I think that's responsible for a lot of my negativity towards guitar playing.
    18. Xiphos68
      Cool stuff dude, I thought you had a 7 string Carvin and I thought you were a very good player. I mean you were showing me Ron Jarzombek stuff on here one time.

      It came by me playing Power Chords on my first 7 string (Washburn WMG - 87).
      I thought I was bulding a muscle playing those chords and it turned out to be my wrist the next day I was in so much pain and ever since off and on. It happened about 2 years ago.
    19. ShadyDavey
      Yeah, the Carvin is up for grabs - perhaps the best playing Carvin Fred or I have laid hands on, it's a supreme beast but I suck at playing so *shrug* need the cash.

      Sorry to hear about your tendinitis - how did that come about? Overplaying? Non-guitar incident?
    20. ShadyDavey
      Yeah, sort of. I must admit to having suffered a few personal issues in recent months and frankly - I've turned my back on music. I'm a terrible guitarist with a decent guitar that I absolutely need to sell (very short of cash) and as for my laughable pretensions towards running a website - well, that's been let go too.

      Other than that I'm not too bad.

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