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  • sorry it took me so long to reply back I just liked the facebook page. ( I should of done this a while ago D: )
    I listen to Shores of Leathe , Hello Gravity, and In Limbo almost everyday with my work out playlist.
    You guys sound professional, and have a VERY unique sound.
    I can honestly say I've never heard any quite like stream city, im very impressed.
    I just wanted to give you some kind words of encouragement, when I hear small band with a phenomal sound, I have to say the truth.
    don't break up, keep it punk , keep experimenting with new sounds, and im positive you guys will be HUGe.
    I was looking at your " So, do you like violin? And over-the-top prog-rock?" thread today...
    And I heard your bands music....And I must say I've been looking for Progressive punk for a while now.
    and IT really impressed the shit out of me, your band rocks!! keep on rocking
    Hi guy

    I introduce myself, My name's Julien and I come from Belgium.
    I just want ask you a question about one of your last post
    In these you present your new Bass Guitar a Ibanez SR1006EFM Series and you playing "Schim" from Tool. Can you tell me how you learned it, if you find some tabs or anything else?

    thank you for your answer.

    Take care

    Hey Mattias! Jeg har modtaget de strap locks du sendte mig. Har været på ferie, så har ikke kunne svare før nu. Tak igen :)

    Hilsen Anders
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