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  • Hey there! I'd be up for it but I'm not sure how possible it would be since I'm tackling school and a job all while not having a car. I'll consider it if I'm ever in the area, though. :D
    Ha thanks man. I was surprised that thread went down in flames so fast. People didn't understand what I was saying, they were just attacking sentences I think. But whatever. I wasn't trying to start shit just express an opinion. Thanks for the backup though lol.
    i´ve got the green one, and it´s bad-freakin´-ass!

    tell him to get some new pickups for it when he gets it. it´s got a battery cover, so it´s "pre-destined" for active pickups, but i´m going to use the battery space to power a sustainer in mine... some day... and then i´ll have a BKP in the bridge :)

    right now it has an emg 81. it´s perfectly fine, but not really my taste.
    Could you PM me instead of doing the visitor message thing? It would be easier for me to respond that way & less clutter :)

    I would recommend the ceramic Warpig or Miracle Man, depending on the type of midrange character you're looking for. And what do you mean "more than likely from you'!?! ;) :wub:
    Dude down to Jam anytime....I have studio time in Pasadena or North Hollywood your choice just bring your guitar and jam...hit me up

    Don't really have much experience with Rondo, but from what i've heard on here, they don't take too awfully long. And yeah, i'd prefer the neck-thru too.
    Haha yeah, i hear ya about the shipping. Man they're just so cool lookin lol. I like that nasty green one.
    I was thinking between the black red or green. I figured I already got black one and the black spas looks kinds meh. also my 7 is green so I snagged the red :shrug:
    Hey, let me know about that Douglas Spad, your thread has got me interested in them now, haha.
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