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  • yeah, it does pretty much the same, as long as it gets absorbed into the wood. gunstock oil too. in fact, most oils that are made for furniture or outdoors use in general will do good, since they seal and waterproof the wood :)
    i used some stuff meant for furniture, actually. it was called "wax oil" in norwegian. it was like a thick-ish oil that kinda looked like melty wax. it was even a little foggy-looking.

    it soaked in and left the surface really saturated looking and water resistant.
    it´s got passive pickups and active EQ (as opposed to active pickups AND eq like EMGs), so you can switch them out with any pickups that fit. the EQ shouldn´t be too hard to change either.

    i always thought about changing the whole electronics setup too, but never got around to it.

    the stock is:
    neck volume-bridge volume
    bass eq-tone eq

    i was thinking about:
    panning pickup selector-master volume
    bass/treble stacked EQ pot-mids/mid frequency sweep stacked EQ pot

    if you see what i mean?

    you can get Q-tuners, EMGs, or Bartolini pickups for it, i think (not sure about bartolini sizes). i don´t know if changing the bridge would make a large difference tone-wise, but the quality is much better with hipshot, so i would go for it. could improve vibration transfer and intonation, which is awesome.

    the tuners are good enough, so i don´t think that needs upgrading right off the bat.

    however, if you´re changing the bridge and staining the whole thing red, you could get a black bridge, and then black tuners while you´re at it. if you then get black knobs for the electronics, you´re all set. it´d look awesome with the red stain.

    updates will be necessary! :D
    yeah, agathis is just another cheap wood like poplar and basswood. nothing wrong with it really, doesn´t sound too bad either.

    i originally planned to just fine sand the black finish to make it flat black, but then i messed up and went through the finish on this one spot, and so i just went on and removed all the finish. i could´ve stained it red like i did with my RG, but i liked how it looked natural. i even flipped the truss rod cover to show the white backside instead. it looks better that way.
    What kind of ecchi animes have you seen lately? i'm in the mood for silliness xD
    Haha that sounds like a ton of fun. I gotta check out that sd set before I jump on bkp's if I get an ash 7. I'll bet practicing with 3 guitarist will be quite an experience :D
    Whats so good abouts ash? I definitely understand the part about neck thru vs. bolt on lol. I hate when you feel the neck getting just slightly bigger, cause then your hand tilts :[
    Goodluck getting one =)
    kannagi eh? i'll look it up... I need to get torrentz on

    what all animes have you watched?
    vill do! yah!

    I can't remember the last anime I watched. It had to be Code Geass...?
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