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  • I may be, a slight chance I can't get the days free though and I'll hafto give up my tickets. Actually, more likely that I'm going to have to give em up, and I was wondering if you wanted em
    I just saw your message, sorry! I have no idea but I think it would be a safe bet to say nothing is planned right now. Breaking Benjamin hasn't released new music in years nor have they even toured. Combine that with the fact it was a baritone AND a hollowbody makes me think it wouldn't necesarily be the cheapest model to toss' out into the market. Who knows though, maybe if they come out with some new music it could happen.
    Sneaky because you saw what I originally wrote or sneaky because you want to know? haha
    COG are one of my favorite bands ever. I remember my first band seeing them destroy every venue they played. We looked up to them a lot and it was an honor to finally open for them.

    Naturally Karnivool will be mentioned. They were both part of a growing Aussie Hard Rock clique at the time among others like Dead Letter Circus and Twelve Foot Ninja.

    One of the best shows I've ever been to was seeing Karnivool open for COG in a humble sized bar. Both bands leveled the place. I congratulated Drew on their performance and he said "dude, COG just blew us off the stage!" :lol:

    All their albums are awesome. If you can grab a copy of Just Visiting (any variant) and Sharing Space, you won't regret it! :yesway:
    Long and short story: it is. :D

    Good to see another COG fan around these parts. Such a shamw they're no longer active... :(

    There's always The Occupants...
    Thank you, good sir. Even though I've stopped somewhat giving a fuck about rep, I just couldn't believe that...
    Wait for it.... Im just waiting for my BRJ Vixen to show up and Im gonna to a thread on my tree of V's!!! (4 in total - The Hex, The BRJ and 2 BC Rich's) .... ... watch this space!!!
    I do have a drill press and a small machine shop let me know when you want to come by ...measure everything before you come and its all good mornings are much better as Im not so busy.....hit me up whenever dude.
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