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  • Just realised a collaboration model between you and Ola Strandberg would be called SXC. :p
    Hey man, I posted on your Xen Stringed Instruments thread about the all-5th 7 string, and have only just seen the prototype from 2008 - no words for how incredible that looks.

    Quick question: would you say playing in all-5th requires a lot of wide stretches across the board?
    Hi! Sorry to bug you...I just unearthed an 11 string treblebass from the bowles of ebay and I was wondering if you had a particular string gauge/setup you were happy with on your treblebass? Thanks!
    Hey man! La Bella is my main source for nylon strings, but you're right, they are a bit economical with details. I have a few people I can talk to about this. Give me a day or so to track down some info.
    Hi dude, I'm just wondering some things for a build of mine which you may have an idea on given the XENs.

    Where are you sourcing strings? Coming from an electric background, the vague nature and lack of detail (sometimes even gauges) of a lot of nylon sets/brands/websites is a bit of a pain.

    I've found D'addario which list the weights which is great of course, and Labella seem to be stocking basses down to 80 but I can't get info from them on the weights..might have to order some to test.

    Just curious :) Also, have you happened to do any experimenting with tuning above standard E? I'm trying to find the sweetspot of gauge vs tensile strength. The D'addario .024 rectified was fine in standard at a regular tension, but the .017 I was hoping to reach Ab at 10lbs didn't even reach E!

    Just hoping to get a rough idea before I blow cash on some more strings to snap, haha

    Oo. Sorry I didn't see your message stealth! XEN is the music instrument company I started back in December of last year. XEN stands for foreign or alien, but also peace and tranquility.
    Jason Becker on Vimeo Hey Eric, Check out this video. You are probably aware of Jason Becker's movie that will be released eventually. I was checking out his page and found out that Drew, the head guy of www.loudguitars.com donated this prototype that I sold to him last year to the foundation for a fund raiser for the movie project. Pretty cool stuff.
    I'll keep it in mind man. For now it's not going anywhere, but you never know.
    I know you never would, but if you ever think about getting rid of your gm, please, please let me know. I've been looking for one for so long.
    Job is ok, work with morons, no woman no cry I guess, going to be a busy boy soon hanging with the Ohio Crew. :metal:

    Went to Jemfest this year and it was fuckin' epic. It was an awesome time. I highly reccomed it.
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