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  • Yo I got a BC Rich gunslinger partially inspired by how yours sounded on a song I heard from you years ago. Im also trying to get an EMG 81 but the stock pickup is okay. Also thinking of gettign an OFR if it makes much of a difference.
    Checked out the band, super sick. Hows the neck on the gunslinger retros? Just wondering about thinness and roundness
    Im getting one of those newer cheaper basswood retro gunslingers, if I change the pickup do you think its even worth the money? I know they used to cost a bit more be made of alder
    Cheers man, I've been looking for local forums!
    It's good to be able to find somewhere like here, where you can swap gear and ideas without all the distance.
    Small world haha. Nice to see some Kiwis though! Although I've only just started being active on here ahaha.
    yes it did! thanks a bunch man. ALSO, i'm having a problem at the moment, i clicked something weird and now when i press fs8 on a channel to turn my delay on, it switches my pod to channel 8 instead of switching the fs8 pedal on on the channel i was on. know how to fix this?
    I definitely will! The venue is kinda small and run by dicks but they always treat touring bands very well so you guys should love it. :lol:
    Just realized you're in Saving Grace man. You guys are playing my hometown venue on April 21st I think, I'll probably come out and see you guys and Ark.
    By the way mate, have you had a chance to send those patches yet, would love to have a look at them. Also what's your bass volume levels at in comparison to your guitars, my mixes are very boomy and I suspect my bass volume levels are too high, are your guitars equally as loud or is one slightly louder than the other and does each guitar track have that guitar insert from ezmix in its plugins or do you put it on the group bus channel and route all the guitars to have the insert effect in place as well as the group bus insert? And how do you go about layering your instruments, panning and stereo width within the instruments, do you use any other things on your guitar and bass tracks besides the guitar and bass inserts from ezmix e.g. stereo enhancers, compression ect? And finally how on earth do you get your mixes to translate between your monitors to say a phone speaker?

    Sorry for all the questions mate, but you're a fountain of knowledge!
    I cant thank you enough for your help man, your an awesome guy and have made me fell very welcome to the sevenstring community!

    Thanks again :)
    Thanks bro!
    Are those patches compatible with the HD Pro?
    And also do you master with ezmix, if so which master bus setting do you usually use, and how do you get everything sounding so wide and powerful?

    Kind Regards
    Oops almost forgot to ask, what type of ezmix inserts do you use for those guitar tones, they are awesome I'm quite new to it, do you have any tips?

    Cheers mate
    Thank you very much bud, I appreciate your quick feedback, love the tunes by the way man! :)

    Thanks again
    Hey mate,

    Im saw an old post by yourself saying that you recorded and mixed with the pod hd and ezmixer, im just wondering how you went about it. I brought a hd pro and ezmixer myself but im worried I will have to sacrifice all the tones I have on the pod as ezmixer has pre-set amps which mess up the tones when combined with the pod tones. Im probs missing a step, im still a noob I guess :p do I record it dry, if so it seems like I may have wasted my cash on the hd pro as a regular interface can record dry or is there something I can do to get the best out the pod and ezmixer 2 as individual sounds?

    Thanks in advance bud
    Hey there,

    Just read you've played some pretty high profile shows over in NZ... where you live...stupid of me to say really. Basically, my girlfriend is half kiwi and we intend to emigrate eventually (sooner rather than later) I'll be wanting to continue writing and playing when i get there. I'd been under the impressing there isn't much of a live music scene at all, metal or otherwise. Is that true or is it just out of the spotlight but there all the same.


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