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  • I just dragged it to my desktop and then inserted it into my signature - hopefully it wasn't supposed to be given to me, or anything like that lol
    ouch. sorry to hear that man.

    haha...well, you're there... i would be if i was living there. :lol:

    i used to play for my secondary school. have been hooked ever since.
    but i seldom play nowadays. which is sad.

    how bout you bro?
    yup...definitely...but on TV though sadly..:lol:

    hopefully this season the blues would do better.
    oh it's definitely more awesome, we're bringing a convoy of awesome along with the inclusion of 7 string guitars, everyone knows win points are automatically assigned to 7 string music no matter how good or bad it is :lol:
    haha thanks man!

    using the Horizon at the moment, but my other guitarist has bought a Schecter Loomis and I'm going to be upgrading so once I've done that we're going to start playing the 7 string songs.

    Hello its really easy as long as you take your time marking out the holes and one massive tip dont over drill the holes for the ferrules when you fit them they need to be really tight other wise the string tension will pull them into thbody at an angle an ruin the top of the guitar
    as marking out goes doing the research on here there are no real rules on how far the holes have to be away from the bridge
    thanks man :yesway:

    i'm a little underwhelmed with the pickups i chose for it (x2n-7/blaze bridge). maybe they'll grow on me but i think i might be taking those out. :shrug:
    Yo' Brotha' - I can teach shitloads bro, where abouts are you in wellington? Im out in Eastbourne.

    you still at school and all that eh?

    If you're keen for lessons I'm game! I taught the guy who bought my old guitar but he couldn't even put his index on G and his pinky on the B haha.

    tell you what bro, im so chuffed to find another NZ'er: Im on msn dude add me up: [email protected]

    Chat will commence!

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