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    Cutting cucumber with Drifting Car

    Awesome. I could never do anything more productive with my time.
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    What I thought wouldn't make a difference...

    Bill, hear is a better(hopefully) description of what we have going on. Both myself and the other guitarist have our cabs miced. Both cabinet mics and the master output from the powered mixer(Phonic Powerpod 620), which is only used to power speakers for vocals at the time being, are sent to...
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    Popsyche live! Again!

    Can't say I dug the music that much but it's awesome hearing more non-metal music on here. Pretty damn cool, dude.
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    Man, my tortoise died.

    I don't plan on getting any more pets anytime soon but I used to have an iguana that was pretty badass in his later years. I think whenever I do decide to make another friend I would like some kind of lizard that would stick around for many years. It sucks having pets that have real short...
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    Man, my tortoise died.

    He was a Golden Greek tortoise named Donkineses but I called him Cpt. Turtle. I only had him for just over a year. He was supposed to live for roughly 50. I checked on him when I got up and noticed he wasn't real attentive and didn't come to me as usual. He also looked dull compared to his usual...
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    What I thought wouldn't make a difference...

    We use two monitors that sit just behind our drummer. They used to be powered by our PA's monitor outs but I changed our setup a bit. I sent the cab mics and the PA main out(not the powered one) to a mixer. I panned the mics 100% left and right and the vocals from the PA stayed straight down the...
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    Picking and your thumb.

    Where is your thumb when you are picking? Should it touch the strings? Any pictures of how you pick? Thanks.
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    What is the craziest ....

    Throbbing Gristle?
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    What is the craziest ....

    Haha. That is funny.
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    What is the craziest ....

    thing you have ever heard while under the influence?
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    This may be a dumb question but....

    Why wouldn't the things you do for a recorded mix work for a live mix? (Other than the changes you make for the mic being right on the speaker and such.)Like the high and low pass filters and the sidechaining and so on. Or do people do this and I don't know what I'm talking 'bout?
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    RMS Question

    It was actually just a curious question. I didn't know if there was an industry standard or something. I'll do that. Thanks.
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    RMS Question

    What is the average RMS for most metal?
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    Something things I've noticed about this forum.

    Wow. It seems some of you are taking this more seriously than I am. It was kind of a little rant at the end of a shitty day. I had completely forgotten about it until I came back into the Off Topic section this morning. Im not good at conveying feelings so it all probably came out sounding worse...
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    Something things I've noticed about this forum. - Purify the Filth of Society - 17 - Female - Virginia - Here is the link to her M-Spizzle. Her boyfriend is so god damn good at guitar. He comes over every now and then to "chill" and jam with us. He downpicks almost all of Stabwound except the solos.