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  • Well, I found a price on the RG 1503... And I think I may wait on the V2 or T2 now. :lol:

    Randall RG Series Amplifier (RG1503H) - Beyond Eleven
    Agreed. I wonder if they're gonna make higher-wattage ones like they did with the RH150/300. If so, I may get that instead of an older Randall if the price is right. :D
    Since you seem to be a fan of Randall... :lol:
    Randall RG1503 & RM100SI (Scott Ian) & full size ISO - Tour w/ Joe Delaney Randall Amps - NAMM 2012 - YouTube
    They brought back the solid states! :hbang:
    Would you recommend the T2 over the V2? I can care less about the versatility. I just want something out right punishing unless they have both the same gain sound, which I read that they really don't. I read that the T2 is actually more darker and brutal than the V2. But I don't know. I'm only asking because I find more V2s for sale than T2s.
    so I found a local tech who was talking about working out some mods for my V2. idk if you saw the post. but Randall actually sent me another V2 for reasons im not sure about. so im gonna use one as a baseline hopefully while i tinker with the other.
    You should have just sold me that ISP awhile back for what I wanted to pay.
    V2 Archetype is crazy. Too Freakin' Loud!
    Dude You can just email that guy? thats awesome. Ask him about addin in a contour for each overdrive. whats wrong with the clean on yours? i used to have a buttload of problems with my V2. now the only thing wrong is the footswitch doesnt work. but the shit part is. it use to work before i sent it to randall to fix the volume / gain loss problem. they also lost my grill. . .
    I'll record band practice and a sample of me dicking around on it later on today man!Just remembered I need to get me some strap locks for my Ibanez S7420 so I can replace those fucking annoying ass DiMarzio Straps,hate those.
    actually yes I have! I'm awaiting the footswitch pedal to be sent out/finished.
    I'm SUPER stoked to get it and it wasn't that hard of a find for the amp head.I just searched Guitar Center lol and it was shipped all the way from Tuscon.
    Yeah i'm keeping a look out all over. Would really like to find an old Crate Tidalwave. Supposed to be way closer to the vh series than the shockwave. Alot harder to find than any of the others though. It's the amp Scott Hull from Pig Destroyer used
    Hey I completely missed your visitor pm ha. I live 5 mins from LAX but am moving in the next few weeks to mid city LA. Shame I used to have a practice space over in Sherman Oaks and that's alot closer to where you are.
    Regular V2 & the Ninja. The Ninja had a little more presence, and maybe more gain.
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