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  • Naw, I've always just been into the lifting aspect/getting big thing, I never cared for the whole posing thing. Haha!
    16 years as of now, but let's see, I think that picture was taken in 2002 or 2003, so I think 8 years at that point. I was in college then and very much into bodybuilding at the time as well. I still work out 5 days a week with weights but am more focused on maintaining and stuff. I don't train as heavy but still was able to maintain my size for the most part.
    Lol, I'll probably end up doing any old crap for the summer unless I can somehow find another shop looking for somebody. There's a new guitarguitar opening up in Epsom, but that's a bit far from me.
    Who knows? :-S
    Sucky indeed, not only was it my job but my friends too. Crap. Thanks though dude :)
    much better i think. almost as good as the axe-fx for distortion patches.
    However you can't run it without a cabinet when going through a P.A.
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