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  • I like you sii ~ but eight strings. I'm interested in, and you change, after all, eight strings to me, it is rather difficult to control!
    Hey dude, not sure if you got my PMs about the KxK. My messaging might not be working, but I want to buy it, so message me. Thanks!
    hi man! I've seen your old post about pgm 200 and rg750, have you sold all the guitars or only one? I'm looking for those fantastic guitars from a lot of time!!!! :)
    Fuck, that makes me so mad. :lol:

    I don't have much money as a broke ass college kid paying his way through but I'd still find a way to pay an arm and a leg to get one of those (VERY unacquireable, as you well know) and some dude just parts it out. :ugh:
    Sorry man, like a fucking bafoon I sold it. To an ungrateful bastard at that. He parted the poor thing out. I would have rather sold it to someone who would really wanted it, like you dude.
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