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  • uggh... this place has gotten slightly more difficult to tolerate... i get neg repped in threads now w/ stupid ass comments like "you suck"... really? what are we fuckin' 12?

    i think i'm gonna go back to camfrog, mayng :lol:

    you still hang out in that midnite musicans place?
    that's fuckin' sweet man. i think i'm gonna wire up the jemiverse this weekend. i realized there are a couple loose wires in there. that may be why it doesn't make any sound...? :lol:

    what classes are you signing up for? you doin' that computer shit?
    haha... i've been getting really into work lately and pretty much sleeping any other time. i've been neglecting my guitars. i still haven't even wired up the jemiverse... nor have i wired that goddamn bkp... i don't have anything to do this weekend i should probably do that. :lol:

    i'll get back on camfrog soon. i don't have any new material, though. :(
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