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    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    That's quite a collection. Following you on Instagram now (as @guitaranswerguy)
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    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    Maybe this was discussed earlier in this thread, but are they planning to release these again in the future? Was the 100 limit just for this particular finish?
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    Setting up a double locking tremolo - is this a job for a tech?

    Be sure to loosen the tiny stud lock screw down inside each trem post before you attempt to lower the trem (if that's part of what you need to do). People (even some techs) unfamiliar with Ibanez trems sometimes don't realize those little guys are down in there.
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    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Why are people buying so much toilet paper?
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    Ran guitars - any news?

    Looks like their website design has changed a bit too.
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    It's not a procedure I'm looking forward to, but it looks like it's just a matter of unsoldering and then resoldering the main piezo lead to the PCB (aside from being very careful with those 7 individual piezo wires). Still not looking forward to it tough :/ I wasn't as lucky as you tough: I...
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    I had an alert set up on ebay to email me any time "2027X", "2027", "RG2027", or "RG2027X" popped up in the listings. Then, I waited... and waited. It took a while and I got a lot of stinkers, but then "the one" finally appeared. Not sure if Reverb has a similar alert feature. Unfortunately...
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    Actually, I contacted LR Baggs and they will still sell you the replacement piezo inserts. I spoke with Morgan Mitchell at [email protected] and he said they're $12 each. They don't advertise it, but if you email and tell them exactly what you have (a Double Lo Pro Edge) they'll sell them to...
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    Congrats! I scored one of these a few years back in 9/10 condition. Unfortunately, the only thing really wrong with the one I found was the trem's knife-edges: total toast, so it wouldn't stay in tune nor intonate properly. I consulted with Rich at and he agreed that there was...
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    Ran guitars - any news?

    Heh, believe me, if I get an actual quote back... I'll be letting this thread know about it.
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    Ran guitars - any news?

    Whoa! Bullet = dodged I just submitted a quote request for a custom Crusher this morning. Had no idea any of this was happening... until I happened upon this thread just now. Real bummer. I'd been a fan of RAN for a few years and was close to finally pulling the trigger on one.
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    Tosin Abasi Auctions Off Guitars

    The first artist auction/sell-off that I'm actually interested in (like REALLY interested)
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    Ibanez RG2027xVV

    Got a notification that my name was mentioned, so I'll chime in... Some years ago, I bought a near-mint 2027X off eBay for $2000 US. That included shipping + insurance. I probably overpaid, but I've wanted a 2027X badly for years, and I've never, ever seen one in this kind of 9/10 condition...
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    New Ibanez semi-custom series incoming

    Nothing that I'm aware of... and I thought for sure there'd be SOME kind of info at NAMM. But... nothing. So, I'm going to assume (for now) that this isn't happening. Not anytime soon. If someone knows differently, let me know. Better yet, tell me how/where/who I can call to start speccing one...
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    Ibanez NAMM 2020

    If no one's already mentioned this: Looks like Al Joseph might be leaving Ibanez as well. I've been seeing him playing a Kiesel, and a recent Instagram post of his strongly hints at a new partnership. As a big Ibanez fanboy, I feel like all my favorite artists keep leaving Ibanez (actually, I...