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  • I haven't played the Blackstar, so I can't really compare the two... but I am totally happy with the Megalith. I've had it for months and still feel genuinely excited whenever I turn it on. There are sooooooo many good sounds to be found in this amp that I feel like I am only now just coming to grips with what it can do.

    The clean channel is among the best I've heard on ANY amp, the contour/eq/voicing controls can take you almost anywhere you want to go if you take the time to dial it in.

    The gain channel is absolutely NUTS. I am running mine on Low gain mode, but with the gain control maxed out - my band plays really heavy stoner rock (tuned to C standard or dropped to A#) and the sound is exactly what I was after. Each of the gain modes has it's own thing going on texture-wise, and again the contour/eq/voicing controls deliver a stupidly huge range of sounds.

    TL;DR - I couldn't be happier with it.

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