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    1. Metalus
      Actually im a big fan of active pickups. Which is why im interested in the blackouts. Ill probably end up doing what u said to the JP7 if i get it. Im thinking of installing some blackouts for my S7420 as well. Hopefully ill be able to get a job soon so i can go relieve my GAS:lol:
    2. Metalus
      Tell me about it man. I saw them at prog nation last year too. I was gonna go this year again but i had a show that day and i was broke:wallbash:
      Im pissed that i also missed Scale the Summit. Theyre sick as hell:hbang:

      I keep hearing that the blackouts r emg's on steroids without the cons. Do u think they would fit in a JP7?
    3. Metalus
      Dont be so sure ;)...... LMAO hahaha :lol:

      Yeah man the S7420 is amazing. Feels amazing, and sounds amazing too boot.

      Im terribly gassing for a stealth black JP7 though :shred:

      I noticed u have blackouts in ur COW 7. Ive been thinking of possibly getting some blackouts for my S7420. Im probably gonna get another d activator since i already have that in there, but im considering blackouts down the line. What do u think?
    4. Metalus
      Sup dude? thanks for the add back lol (wow i sound like a myspace chick). That Jackson COW is hot as hell btw:metal:
    5. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      thanks man :metal:
    6. 7 Dying Trees
      7 Dying Trees
      Not really, just means postage is a little bit more, but that's it really :) Apart from that, no issues whatsoever really
    7. 7 Dying Trees
      7 Dying Trees
      Man, I can get you stuff, I have all the tunes etc. However, you're better of waiting a week or two, as then we'll have the full 4 track new demo out, and will have fixed a slight issue on the old demo touch up where a new solo dissapeared, but after that, yep, no problem :)

      Will even do a package deal of both ep's, tshirt and wristband as well! I'll be putting up a thread when they are available :)
    8. ChrisPcritter
      Yeah mesas are cool.. I use one a lot.. I checked out the guy in Davis's Peavey Butcher for him. He's pretty cool.. His name is Josh Lawson. There's also a guy in stockton.. ,
    9. ChrisPcritter
      Us local boys have to stick together. I bias amps and do cleanings or pots and sockets and such if you ever need it. Usually for free for folks I know as long as they supply the cleaners and stuff.....Chris
    10. OrsusMetal
      Thanks. I actually don't have the Xiphos anymore. But I have an Esp that I should have back soon that will be all modded up.
    11. OrsusMetal
      Awesome COW man! First one I've ever actually seen with a neck pup. :metal:
    12. budda
      most gibsons have that maple cap as well :P
    13. budda
      burstbuckers in the epi will not sound the same as burstbuckers in a gibson, i dont think. having played a fair share of epi standards and a couple of their gibson counterparts, i dont thiiink they will sound the same. that said, i have never A/B'd the two.

      eBay - Deals on new and used electronics, clothing, collectables and more on eBay, craigslist classifieds: jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, events, forums, Kijiji USA Free Classifieds - Post & Search Free Classified Ads - you will find at least 1 of the studio's pickups FS at a decent price somewhere in there lol
    14. budda
      I prefer the studio, because they perform better at putting out metal tones as well as all the other tones you'd want to get. I spent some time with an LP standard over the christmas break, and whilst it was a gorgeous guitar, the extra bite and clarity and crunch of the studio wasn't there.

      some folks swear by burstbuckers, im just not one of them lol
    15. Xiphos68
      Hey man how much did it cost you to put that neck pickup into your cow 7 string.
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    Primary Seven:
    COW7 with neck pickup
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    POD HD500x Alto TS12
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    Metal-as-fuck acoustic
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    Custom (not JCS) Jackson COW7 with SD Blackout neck and bridge
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    Mesa DC-5
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    Boss ME50
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    Mesa 1X12
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    Shitty laptop mic for drunk acoustic sessions
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    "The concept, if there is one, is to have music that just has a pulse, a heartbeat; you don’t count your pulse and split it into sections of 4 or 5 do you?"