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  • Hi ... are you still looking for a Crate TDP pre-amp? I have 3 for sale, I am in the UK but willing to ship anywhere. Cheers Steve
    Whoa, sorry dude. I hardly ever check this area.

    I'm near Utica. I'm playing my own variation of rock music for the most part lately.

    I haven't been inspired to play anything 'metal' in a long while now. In fact, I've almost forgotten how to play with super saturated high gain or the like.
    Hey man, noticed you from CNY, always cool to see Upstaters on here. What kind of stuff do you play?
    Actually, I don't think people import emoticons. They just save them in a file or on a website and use the forum's "Insert Image" option, like so:

    Oooh, I see. It just looked like a re-housed Mosfet or Artist. :lol: I didn't even know a shorthead version of the JCM existed. Thats pretty cool. :)

    And I ove those Mosfets. They're like a easier to use, easier to maintain, easier to carry JCM. It's like a the cat of the Marshall world. :lol:
    Oh damn, I sorry Jazzman. I didn't even notice that someone sent me a PM.

    No, it's a rare 2204S. Only 500 made in 1986.

    Basically and pcb style 2204 in a short box with the old JMP look...she rips!

    My friend had a Lead Mosfet 100 head for years, they are awesome amps.
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